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While I’m not a huge fan of FB because of its SJW convergence, data-mining, and political activism, it’s got some use. Michael Neal put together a FB page for The Stars Came Back (the movie) that now has more than 1300 followers*. According to Michael, “a great deal of them [the likes] are from India.” Not quite sure what that means, but there is a huge potential market there, so i can’t really see a downside. Maybe it’s because I have two strong non-token Indian (dot, not feather) characters who genuinely contribute to the story as people, not just, well, tokens.

Update: Interesting. The FB page is now over 1500 followers. (1515 likes and followers each, to be exact). Something is happening, here. An ad campaign is one thing, but this? Fascinating.

Update 2: Up over 1715, now. 200 additional followers in about 12 hours.

Update 3: Just went over 1900. Plus nearly 200 in another 13 hours.

Update4: Now nearly 2700. Plus ~800 in slightly less than another day.

Update5: now barely over 2900. After coming to a virtual halt for a while, it’s up only two hundred in a bit more than a day.

Update6: After an unexplained crash in new likes and followers, it’s ticking back up again. Now at 3242 followers after a day and a half in the doldrums.


* If I ever create a social media website (snerk!), I’d not call them “followers,” but rather “supporters.” It shows more respect for their individuality and agency.

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  1. It’s going great! When I set up a new page I generally run a 7 day ad to get page likes and I targeted India as an interest because of the Sikh characters. It seems to be working well. I have never gotten this many likes so fast for a film project before.

    I hate giving Facebook money but its only a small amount of funds to get a large following that gives the project visually credibility and also a base for crowdfunding.

    Some people are recommending I leave all social media except for GAB and while that’s a nice idea, it would also cut off a large potential audience and tools to get supporters. Maybe in time but it takes some planning on how to make up that audience because GAB is very unsophisticated at the moment.

    Big name folks can get away from making a clean break because they already have large followings.

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