Option signed

Just had the movie rights to my book optioned. So now we start working with Michael Neal to get the casting and promotions done so a good funding page (likely on GoFundMe) can be put together and production monies raised. If we hit the minimum goal, then he buys the movie rights and moves forward with starting to produce it. Because he’s a relatively small operation, and the book is long, the basic goal is to make just a portion of it, and make it well enough that it can act as a “prof of concept’ to raise enough money for more of it. That’s just a small part of the big picture (no pun intended), of course. When the promo trailer (a simple but scene to shoot) is ready I’ll let people know.

2 thoughts on “Option signed

  1. Congratulations! That must be so exciting for you!!

    I look forward to hearing about the Go Fund Me/Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign!!

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