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Peaked at #2 in the Literature & Fiction > Religious & Inspirational Fiction > Inspirational genre, now fallen back to #9. You can use Sales Rank to track it if you so desire. Just use the book’s ASIN of B077CVXWVP and it pops right up. I expect it to move around a bit.
(RATS! missed a #1 bestseller in category by ->||<- this much!)

Currently at 15 reviews: ten 5-star, four 4-star, one 3-star. Not bad for a first attempt in the genre, one dominated by chick-flick books and romances dressed up with religious draping. Comparing the covers on the top 20 in that field to HoSP is… interesting.

The bulk of the reviews are pretty meaty – they have particular things they do and don’t like about it. No major faux pas noted yet. Not a bad first 3/7th of a week.

I sort of see what the 3-star review’s point is, but it looks like she just doesn’t “get it.” Which is OK – not everyone will. But maybe, given time, reflection, perhaps a conversation with a man who “gets it” because it’s a book written for and about men, will turn the light on.

Back to the keyboard.

8 thoughts on “First Reviews

  1. I was interested in the comments from one reviewer who objected to two items given his own Catholic background. The one about “apocrypha” seemed valid. The one complaining about Leo calling Francis “antipope” was curious, since that’s not what the book does. It’s one of his minions who refers to the antipope, and in no way does it say who that was. There’s only one reference to Francis, which isn’t very flattering but certainly doesn’t say what the reviewer thought. He may be extrapolating his own views…
    I’m about half way through right now. It’s definitely good stuff.

    1. The “apocrypha” will likely get a minor phrasing update/correction when the first batch of reported typos get a pushed release – nothing is perfect. The anti-pope thing is something I’ve heard from a couple of staunch Catholics, so that one is going to stand. But I should point out that not all people seem to have the same understanding of the term, much like “heretics” having different connotations to different people.

  2. I’m interested to see how women readers respond. I think most will not “get it”. Not that I expect they should.

    As I mentioned in my review, this place needs to exist in the real world.

    1. Agreed.

      My daughter liked it, but my daughter is unusual. (I say that not simply as a father proud of his offspring, but as an objective observer looking at typical behavior of MS and HS age girls as a teacher of MS and HS subjects; her interests, behavior, and skills are seriously atypical, mostly in very good ways). My wife hasn’t read it yet (hates reading on a Kindle).

      And thank you for your review.

      Oh, BTW – if you happen to note any typos, errors, awkward sentences, biblical inaccuracies or misrepresentations, shoot me an email or post here somewhere so that they can get fixed if/when we do an update before going to dead-tree version.

    2. I passed the word to a lady former colleague who got the book and said she’d tell me her reactions. Will be interesting. She’s a vet, that might make a difference.

      I just finished the book. Very good. Well polished, and significantly moving in a number of places.

      There were a couple of interesting “easter egg” type of items in there, like the name of the IRS storm trooper.

  3. When the book first appeared on Vox Day’s website, I was curious about it. When the first reviews popped up on Amazon, I was sold. Right now about 50% done, and I would give it 5 Stars! Thank you for writing this book, it has helped me in ways I never thought imaginable. Hopefully, you will continue with this series?

    Again, thanks!

    1. You are welcome, and thank you for your business. Glad you like it.
      I am curious, though – when you say it the book helped you, can you be any more specific? I mean, I know what I was intending to say and mean, but I’ve learned that is not always what comes across.

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