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We are, sadly, in a largely post-literate society. So, making videos might be the thing to do. Let me bounce this idea off a few people:

A regular production of videos on various topics. They are aimed to be both educational, topical, and philosophical. The general format would be an introduction and background to the topic of less than 60 seconds, a basic “public comment three-minute time limit” style presentation that is high speed and rhetorical in style, and the balance of of time, aiming to never exceed a total of 30 minutes, for background, explanation, references, details, related items, and so-forth.

Two examples:

  1. The idea of “privilege” (white/male/straight/etc) is a common theme in HR diversity training these days. if it comes up in your school district or office, then you need to know what it is, haw to give a short and on-point argument against it, and you need to know it origin and use, and the difference between it’s official use and intent vs. the “as-used.”
  2. “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” is a commonly read book. What’s the significance of the fight scene in the first chapter, both in the context of the book, and in terms of the larger society and male development and human psychology?

What do you think? Would something like that be good, and possibly worth paying a small tip via Patreon (or whatever), or do you think it would get lost in the clutter?

2 thoughts on “An educational thought

  1. #1 please- starting to hear of this stuff through corporate HR.. could use some tips on how to properly address

    1. Vox Day’s book on “Corporate Cancer” is one, but it is not likely to get a warm reception in many places. Asking the “no win / pick your poison” question might be another. I’ll see what I can put together. Still working on trying to best use the tools at my disposal to make things worth watching. Just posted a second video at .

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