Komenagen (and general book) question

A quick couple of questions:

How much more likely are you to listen to an audio book than read an ebook or paper book? That is, how much demand is there really? In a recent conversation with a publisher he said that he saw several times more audio book sales for a title than ebook, and physical was nearly nonexistent. I don’t do audio books beyond lectures from The Learning Company’s “Great Courses” series, and am interested to know if I need to pursue that hard, or not, for my particular readership.

Secondly: How important would illustrations for a YA title like Komenagen: Slog be? Illustrations are expensive, but they definitely add to the charm of a physical book, particularly ones aimed at a younger market segment. Would it be enough to chip in a few bucks ahead of time to get it done?

Let me know in the comments section below.

7 thoughts on “Komenagen (and general book) question

  1. I prefer ebooks initially but always buy the paper book down the road for books I really like.

    Illustrations are no big deal for me. I could see where the 10-16 year olds would like to see the illustrations.

  2. Almost all my books are audible. I’ve “read” over 500 in the past 13 years. I’ve probably read less than 20 physical or ebooks during that same timeframe. That’s ~96% audible.

  3. I prefer ebooks. I’m pretty much out of bookshelf space, so I only buy electronic unless I really want the book and there are no other options.

    I like the concept of audio books, but my mind wanders too easily so I avoid them. It’s easier to figured out where my mind left off with a book I’m reading than one I’m listening to.

  4. I personally do not listen to audiobooks, since I can read much faster than anyone can speak. My book purchases are electronic format, with the sole exception of reference manuals and the like.

    A good book cover can really help sell a book, money well spent IMHO. Interior illustrations are nice, but not necessary in anything more than a child’s book.

  5. I’ve never used an audio book, and never felt the inclination to try one. It doesn’t help that I no longer commute, but even when I did I wasn’t interested in those.
    As for illustrations, no particular opinion. It’s interesting that in centuries past books were often illustrated — consider the Jules Verne novels for example, which all came with a dozen or so nicely executed engravings.

  6. I use Audible most of the day, every day because my occupation allows it. One Sci-Fi series I listen to sells, IIRC, 4 audiobooks to every 1 ebook and physical book.

    1. Huh. Interesting. Never would have thought it, but it looks like audio books will have to be done. Several different sources all point in the same direction. Thanks for the feedback. And, if you’ve read or listened to one of my books, reviews are always appreciated.

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