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Oh, good grief….

Oh for the Love of God….

One of my books, Komenagen: Slog, was flagged for some minor “quality issued.” There was a list of 30-some things, and they took it off-line until they were fixed. Some were legit typos (pealed vs peeled, for example, or a missing word in a phrase). I fixed them in the doc, uploaded them, marked them as fixed, thought I was done.

Nope. A while later it still wasn’t there. Then it still wasn’t. I checked thought I had done everything. Sent off an email asking for help, it wasn’t a lot of help, but… Anyway, twiddle a bit, then wait a few more days, get busy, forget about it, come back a week later after someone prompts me to looks, get frustrated, and tell myself – OK, go through it all by the numbers. still looks like everything is there. Then I see one small red thing on “pricing.”

Ummm…. what?

Looks like every time you do ANYTHING on any of the three main sections, front data, content, or pricing, you have to go through and approve all three even if you are not changing anything on one or two of them. Because I didn’t tell it “yes, I want the same damn pricing I’ve had for four years,” they didn’t publish the typo corrections and put it back online. I should have caught it earlier, but….

Komenagen (and general book) question

A quick couple of questions:

How much more likely are you to listen to an audio book than read an ebook or paper book? That is, how much demand is there really? In a recent conversation with a publisher he said that he saw several times more audio book sales for a title than ebook, and physical was nearly nonexistent. I don’t do audio books beyond lectures from The Learning Company’s “Great Courses” series, and am interested to know if I need to pursue that hard, or not, for my particular readership.

Secondly: How important would illustrations for a YA title like Komenagen: Slog be? Illustrations are expensive, but they definitely add to the charm of a physical book, particularly ones aimed at a younger market segment. Would it be enough to chip in a few bucks ahead of time to get it done?

Let me know in the comments section below.

A post at Vox’s about some changes

Long story short (no pun intended), CH is a rapidly growing but still smallish company with limited resources in a very rapidly changing set of overlapping markets, and they can’t do everything – they don’t have the resources. So they have to prioritize. As one of the more minor people they are involved with in terms of sales, it’s hard to justify allocating the resources to edit and publish my work when the same resources could go toward something with 10x (or in the case of vid, maybe 100x) the sales and revenue.  Bummed, but I understand. I’d have liked to see my story turned into a graphic novel. (Rights for that now negotiable, to anyone interested in doing so!) Continue reading A post at Vox’s about some changes