weird paypal problem

I’m trying to pay someone with paypal.

It’s saying that I need to use an “alternative funding source” to pay that person, rather than taking money from my balance. I just paid another artist successfully using the balance last month with no problem. I tried an alternate email, and got the same problem. I had a “chat”  with their “customer service” people, and they said, in effect, “it will do that if out system flags that recipient as not trustworthy. we can’t tell you why or any details.” Looks like blackballing to me, but in any case they are saying that I can’t use money in my account to pay someone who is also a PayPal user. I need to do a quick test and try to send a dollar to someone else who uses PayPal and see if it’s systemic, at my end, or if it’s something with the cover artist’s account. Someone comment here, then send me a “bill” for a dollar at this account’s email address.

[Update: I think it may be that the PayPal account has become un-linked to my bank account for some reason, and their tech support didn’t see / understand that. I need to reconfirm that it’s my account (they made a small deposit to the bank from my PayPal balance, I report what they deposit, and that confirms the everything is aligned and working properly). I can’t see the deposit in real time, so I have to follow up in the morning. *sigh*. If their tech support had seen that early on – it should have been obvious, I’d think, if that’s what it indeed is – I’d be more impressed and less frustrated.

Yes, that was the issue. I reconfirmed the amount they deposited -years ago-, and it’s all good now.]

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