Insanity’s Children is out

Insanity’s Children, the sequel to The Stars Came Back, is up on Amazon. I’ll start working on paper now, and/or the second half of TSCB/prose version (writing is done, just needs formatting check and /sigh/ cover art).

As always, reviews posted to Amazon by readers are greatly appreciated.

A quick note for those who are not already familiar with this series:
The Stars Came Back is the entire original, screen-play format story.
Back from the Dead is the first half of the original story, but in prose format.
Insanity’s Children picks up from where TSCB left off.
Komenagen: Slog is backstory/prequel for some of the characters in the original story. It is aimed at YA boys, but should be a good read for any guy who was once an adventures youth (or wished he was) who didn’t quite fit in perfectly.
The Heretics of St. Possenti is very early backstory (set in current year+5) for a rather unusual monastic order which makes an appearance in TSCB. Strangely, though a “religeous inspirational” category of story, with roots in classic “space opera” it’s ideas were inspiring enough that some gentlemen with appropriate faith backgrounds are actually in the process of founding a very real Order of Saint Possenti with a similar mission; to save vets who have served and struggled only to be cast aside by society and the government they supported.

7 thoughts on “Insanity’s Children is out

  1. I found out a few days ago that you have to bribe Amazon. You’re not allowed to review anything if you don’t spend at least $50 on them.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Just picked this up and can’t wait to dive into it.

    Kindle on Amazon running a special now thru Dec. 4: Get $5 back in eBook credit when you spend $20 on eBooks.

    If for some strange reason you haven’t bought all of Rolf’s books, do it now and get a $5 ebook credit. Be sure to activate the offer first before purchase.

    1. And a happy thanksgiving to you and yours as well.
      Hope the book is worth the wait. Some of the Easter eggs are well hidden, but they re in there.

      Hadn’t heard about the ebook credit, I’ll make post about it.

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