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Long story short (no pun intended), CH is a rapidly growing but still smallish company with limited resources in a very rapidly changing set of overlapping markets, and they can’t do everything – they don’t have the resources. So they have to prioritize. As one of the more minor people they are involved with in terms of sales, it’s hard to justify allocating the resources to edit and publish my work when the same resources could go toward something with 10x (or in the case of vid, maybe 100x) the sales and revenue.  Bummed, but I understand. I’d have liked to see my story turned into a graphic novel. (Rights for that now negotiable, to anyone interested in doing so!)

So, going forward, I’ll be self-publishing the ebooks (dealing with editing and cover art on my own, currently in the works), then they can do the hard-copy layout work for the paper edition and handle that part of it, which I have no experience with. Working together that way might work out well for both of us. If something I write becomes really huge then having a publisher in multiple medias ready to help out that I’m already working with on a smaller basis makes it easy, and in the meantime I’m getting things done on my own schedule then limited by their immediate resource limits.

Of course when you self-publish you still need to have an “official” publishing company for the record (or at least the field that Amazon requires and entry for) and I’m note decided on anything in particular.

Two possibilities come to mind:
= Millstone Publishing (biblical reference in the ongoing culture war)
= Landing (or “Flying”) Armadillo Publications

Any other thoughts?

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    1. Sounds good, and the consonance makes it roll off the tongue well. Only issue with that is a more or less explicit connection with the Catholic Church, and most of my books moving forward are not likely to be in the spiritual/religious genera, but more fantasy / sci-fi field.

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