Short e-Shelf Report

In the last couple of days I’ve ordered a couple of different non-medical/food items from Amazon. One of them is now listed as “out for delivery” only a couple of days after ordering it (a better chair for my work-from-home situation). Another item shown as “in stock” is now says I should expect delivery near the end of April. A month or so. Huh. Interesting.

Other internet-only companies like NewEgg are shipping non-food items much faster, because they don’t have to prioritize groceries. Looking at current availability of items at other sites like Midway USA (guns and reloading supplies, mostly) is showing  rather spotty inventory: looking at bullets, they have 800 items in stock, 748 out of stock with no backorder, and 714 “temporarily unavailable.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen the orderable : not-orderable ratio anywhere near that skewed. IIRC, it’s typically more like 3:1 rather than 1:3.  On Ammo they have 694 types “available,” and 1006 as “out of stock no backorder” or “temporarily unavailable,” a 7:10 ratio. Highest I’ve seen it since, I think, the gun-run of Obama’s re-election panic.

OTOH, the news on cures/treatments for the Wuhan Flu continues to be good with respect to various combinations of hydroxychloroquine + other meds, so things should be returning to normal relatively soon.

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