A note to my reps

I wrote the following note to my state Representatives and Senator, and requested a reply. When I get a reply I’ll post that as a follow-up.

If you are a WA state resident, and want to send your rep/sen a note, click here.


Why are you letting a convicted felon run guns in the CHAZ / CHOP?

Raz of CHAZ Distributes AR-15s from Tesla Trunk

EXCLUSIVE: The Mysterious Case of RAZ from CHAZ – BLM Warlord Owns Multiple Guns (including an Uzi), a Tesla, BMW and Jaguar XJ, Millions in Properties, and Is Supported by Dubai Government

If you are silent on such an obvious violation of recently passed state law, and such events do not evoke suspicion in you, then you are tacitly condoning such illegal activity as long as it effectively targets your opposition, much like the Nazis, the Russian NKVD, and Mao’s hit squads, allowed some political violence but not others, and arbitrary enforcement of the law (with is the same as supporting lawlessness). Interesting ideological company you keep.

That way lies civil war and death. (I say this as a student of military history).

Care to comment?

13 thoughts on “A note to my reps

  1. Like I said before. If the BATF/FBI don’t start shooting those people. They owe everyone from Ruby Ridge to the Bundy’s and apology.
    It’s good to know where one stands in the pecking order though!

  2. Given that we’re talking about WA, isn’t there also the obvious issue of violation of I-1639 (the law that says all firearm “transfers” have to undergo a background check)?

    It sure looks like the lessons of Animal Farm are in effect here.

    1. Yes, exactly. It’s not the lessons of animal farm, it is that Animal Farm is being used as a guide book.

      One of my students claims he’s going down there regularly, hanging out with the leaders (it’s possible he’s stretching the truth more than a little). I expect he’ll get handed a gun, and I wouldn’t trust him with a large pocket knife. I told him that he was the perfect useful idiot for them to shove to the front to die for the camera. He’s nice enough, if frustrating to teach, and not smart enough to see he’s totally being used. He’s worth a lot more to them as a dead martyr splattered all over the national screen than alive. Nieve, lazy, entitled, frustrated with actually having to work for a grade, and easy to paint a much more sympathetic picture of that Floyd George.

      I figure he has only about 2/3 chance of living until the election. Make stupid choices, win stupid prizes.

    2. So long as the same standards of scrutiny are applied evenly to everyone, such as the armed men who appeared in Snohomish, Washington- who stood around armed with assault rifles and other weapons while drinking alcohol and waving Confederate flags, then yes, an investigation should be performed.

      As long as the law is applied the same to everyone. Whether it is BLM in the CHAZ or Militia at Snohomish, or anywhere else. Game Wardens check weapons and ammunition for legality while hunting, and gun safety, if the same standards are applied while protesting, that is perfectly fine with me.

      As Far as I could read, everyone armed in both locations have registered weapons and carry permits. As long as you are offended at the stupidity of mishandled weapons and gun use while imbibing alcohol anywhere, I have no problem with it. The practice of hypocrisy and selective targeting, I do have problems with.

      1. There were, to the best of my knowledge, no “assault rifles” present there (note the “select fire” part of the definition, as no new machine guns have been registered in the state since the 80s, and those that were here were grandfathered in. Words mean things.

        But to your main point, that is the issue, is it not? The same standards are NEVER applied to left and right. Watch the video – the transfer requires a background check, and none is done. The dufus who get handed the gun doesn’t have an ID check, and clearly isn’t very familiar with it. Got any video of guys with guns, confederate flags, and drinking in public to share? Otherwise it just another internet slander. Weapons are not required to be registered to be legally owned in many states.

        1. Sorry, not assault rifles, AR-15 rifles. My mistake. Yes, the handing out of guns to people who only said they knew how to handle guns was wrong. Here are photos and videos (witnesses have reported alcohol drinking at Snohomish, but photos are not showing labels of certain beverages, and others are clearly water):

          Snohomish Protests:
          In 2019 in Snohomish:

          Forks (couple accused of being Antifa)

          Raz Simone handing out gun:

          Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club:

          1. Thanks for the links. might take a little while to go through them.

            (read, read, read)
            Haven’t read every word and comment yet (will update my reply if my impression changes), but so far it looks like more or less typical left-view spin. “May have been drinking” (innuendo but no evidence), they were peaceful “but armed” (as opposed to the “mostly peaceful” and unarmed looters and rioters and arsonists of Antifa & co), celebrating heritage (different people hoist the confederate flag for different reasons, but not being a mind-reader I’m not going assume that they support the return of chattel slavery) and opposing random and illegal destruction and violence by calmly assembling and making a show of force; also they have a very generous and favorable description of Antifa. Much hype putting negative spin on understandable counter-protesters, and trying to tie unknown people with unknown motives into the most negative connotations of a mob of white folks. Propaganda seeking to disarm future victims “cowards hide behind their guns.” (good people with guns is the best way to dissuade bad people with guns).

            I see a lot of projection by the “John brown Gun Club” guys, given that the left-wing in politics is consistently far more violent than the right wing. (not to say there are NO right-wing wing-nuts, but they are far fewer and rarely initiate violence; they are mostly the boogyman used to justify much greater left-wing violence.)

            So I guess my question is: what’s your point, exactly? We have an open insurrection, and Seattle local, king country, and state authorities (all DEM) are doing nothing about it, and not enforcing the recent gun laws THEY passed, nor are they protecting people or property. Meanwhile, violent lefties are tearing down and attempting to re-write our nation’s history.

            I wonder what they want to rename Seattle to? Chief Seattle owned slaves, after all. Nearly all natives who were of any consequence did; owning slaves were both practical and a status symbol.

            I wonder if these guys know that John Brown died for his beliefs, hanged for treason?

  3. (read, read, read)
    Haven’t read every word and comment yet , but so far it looks like more or less typical right-view spin. “CHAZ-BLM Warlord” (innuendo but no evidence), they were peaceful “but armed” (as opposed to the looters and rioters and arsonists of White Supremacist & co(Umbrella Man & suspiciously fit white men and women who have been seen with crowbar, hammers, and incendiary devices smashing windows)), and opposing random and illegal destruction and violence by calmly assembling and making a show of force; also they have a very generous and favorable description of Antifa. Much hype putting negative spin on understandable protesters, and trying to tie unknown people with unknown motives into the most negative connotations of a mob of black and white folks. Propaganda seeking to blame all violence on Antifa (the neo-Nazis and White Supremacists trying to incite Race Wars are ignored).

    I suppose King-5 TV at Right-Center Media Bias and Seattle Times & The Guardian News with Left-Center media bias all are considered left leaning if you only follow questionable sources like The Gateway Pundit.

    And if the Militia in Snohomish were not drinking alcohol, why were the residents so upset about them doing so?

    1. Cute, but false equivalencies don’t get very far.
      I read lots of different sources, foreign and domestic. The legacy / mainstream media has a consistent hard left bias (if you are not aware of that, you may be too short of this ride), and they push lies and stories for the same reasons that all propaganda organs do: it advance the preferred narrative. That’s why they pushed the Jusse Smollet hoax so hard and long, and the RUSSIA-RUSSIA-RUSSIA! hoax so long, and are now pushing the Bubba Wallace “noose-like item” hoax so hard even when it’s absurd. They are advancing a narrative. So quoting something like “they were seen drinking” can become via innuendo, “the were drinking [alcohol and getting drunk]”. Many of the BLM activists are white, and they can be useful in planing false-flag accusations of “white supremacists are doing the violence.” Those of us in the shooting community have been seeing this sort of slanderous bull directed at us for decades. Yes, they just make shit up all the time, or start with a slim kernel of actual event and spin it more wildly than any big fish story told by an old fisherman at the local watering hole.
      When stupid white guys wearing Klan robes do stupid things, most whites rightly condemn them. When black activist vandalize and destroy historical monuments (much like the Taliban destroying Buddhist statues), the media said their rage is justified and we need to understand them and they are excused rather than condemned. They are attempting to destroy and rewrite our nations history before you eyes. If you are OK with that, than you are OK working for O’Brien in 1984, and you have declared you side.

      1. No. The continuing attempt to rewrite history books, and the toppling of statues, even of Union abolitionists like Colonel Heg, and the outbreaks of looting and violence are things to be fought against. I am affronted by the insinuation that it is only the left that is doing so. The Right has it’s hand in, just as much as the Left. Look at the white supremacists pretending to be Antifa, the delivery of pallets of bricks that suddenly appear where protests are going to be, with message boards saying “I’ve arranged for the delivery of brick to these protests, let’s see if we can get a Race War going.” You can see both sides of the political spectrum spinning the truth for their followers consumption. The truth is a pesky detail to be managed, it is too dangerous for all those people to have, here, take this prepackaged version we have created for you. Take the Blue Pill.

        Republicans and Democrats are responsible for the failing education standards, with “No child left behind” from Bush, which meant you could put your child in classes beyond their ability to understand, and force the teacher to slow teaching to the slowest child in the room. The Common Core Standards created by the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers at the end of Bush’s reign, then enforced by Obama and his Education Secretary. The Trump Educational Secretary Betsy DeVos and her agenda to diminish public schools so more people would sign up with private schools. The Zero Tolerance policies that only harmed achieving students (as non-achieving students fell into the No Child Left Behind zone and were sheparded through school). The Lawsuit Happy environment where teachers are neutered of any ability to control their students, despite being “In Loco Parentis”. All of this has created an environment where minority groups are catered to, teachers are assessed by how many students they can get to pass “Common Core Tests”, and students going to colleges are failing because after being handheld through school they are sinking when faced with the sink or swim of university and college life. Where there is actual math and critical thinking that the education system has sucked out.

        Welcome to the new reality, you aren’t famous unless you are on Twitter and have hundreds of thousands of followers. Don’t think for yourself. The People who built this country and been immortalized as statues need to be removed and rewritten out of history. Welcome to the Minority Tyranny responsible for Donald Trump as President.

        1. No, the left and right are NOT equal in their attempt to rewrite history. Not even close. And you have precisely ZERO evidence that it’s “white supremacists” leaving the bricks for looters and rioters, or pretending to be Antifa, just the accusations of socialists like Sawant. Because how would they know where the protests were going to be happening unless they were involved in the private planning of such events? It’s not like the typical skinhead is great at covert infiltration and intelligence gathering.

          I’d agree that NCLB (Bush) and Common Core (Obama) are horrible, but I’d put the blame not on ordinary Dem or Rep voters, but the controlled Establishment that play an out-sized role in shaping the party dynamic. Their collective goal is to destroy / loot the nation, and turn us into literal dhimmis or metaphorical (I hope) Eloi. DeVoss is attempting to remove the corrupted centralized control of the public school indoctrination system.

          I’m a teacher: trust me, you are preaching to the quire about the problems in the K-12 public schools, and there are many failures at the local, state, and federal level. They are rewriting our history in the history books. History is messy, but because people like a simple narrative, a simple set of half-truths are pushed.

  4. # of Antifa arrested: 3
    # of White Supremacists arrested: Dozens
    # of people who went beyond their constitutional right of peaceful protest arrested: Hundreds if not thousands

    While I wouldn’t discount the intelligence of “skinheads” (see Evropa Twitter fake-Antifa accounts), and most of the “pre-staged” bricks have been confirmed as construction and home-improvement projects, some piles of brick have mysteriously shown up- without anyone claiming responsibility. Only 3 actual Antifa have been arrested. Compare that to everyone else who has been arrested.

    Far Right

    Far Left

    Anitfa Vs. Proud Boys

    Antifa investigated:

    Who are committing looting and arson?

    Busloads of Antifa Rumors- that never happened


    Bias in history textbooks:

    1. OK, now that I have stopped laughing at your post long enough to reply, a few points.
      Antifa is deliberately decentralized, as are most radical groups. The media frequently plays the innuendo and label game, such as calling all R congress-critters ‘conservative ” or “very conservative,” while calling nearly all Dems things like “moderate” and “firebrand” rather than the more accurate “radical” or “moronic.” If a Dem is arrested for something, party affiliation isn’t made until the end of the article if at all, but if a R is caught in a similar situation then it is in the lede. They are very circumspect about talking about the “accused” when a leftie gets caught red-handed, but usually have no problem poisoning the jury pool with pejorative labels for conservatives who are arrested.
      SO the mainstream media not labeling obviously hard left Antifa-associated rioter (even if they are not paid members on a published org-chart) as being Antifa, while labeling as “white nationalists” people for whom they have sketchy or false info means almost nothing. You note stories about “far right posing on line and calling for violence,” while openly left people do the same is rather disengenuous. There are going to be lots of false accusations and posers, no doubt. Facebook removing groups is… well, they are OK with much of the most radical hard-left stuf, and they are simply one of the Dems / deep state media fronts, where they spin things, hard.

      Take the NPR story. “vehicles as weapons.” Well, yes. If you are just trying to go about your business and you are surrounded by a bunch of hostile protesters trying to get into your car to beat you and possibly kill, you, then yes, the proper thing to do is use your vehicle as a weapon and run the violent bastards over. All they have to do to stay safe is NOT GET IN FRONT OF YOUR VEHICLE WHEN YOU ARE DRIVING WHERE YOU LEGALLY HAVE A RIGHT TO GO. It’s really not that difficult to understand. But NPR spins it as if they are all Klansmen driving around in pickups with spiked cow-catchers looking for peaceful protesters who drive through at high speed with the coal-rollers smoking and the confederate battle flag flying and throwing chains at quiet black people. They conflate the larger number that are “still under investigation” with the *one* which has a reported Klan guy. But these are the same people who were calling the riots and vandalism and looting “peaceful protests” while buildings are literally burning from arson on-screen directly behind the reporter.

      The rioters are organised, numerous, and armed. The police are doing nothing to stop them in many places (explained by Cabal control, if you follow Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse, or anonymousconservative). Of COURSE counter-protectors of various types will start organizing and arming themselves, and no they will not all be the sort you’d want to marry your sister. But they are trying to keep this nation from being destroyed, and it’s history erased (both good and bad).

      (interesting, if short, links on textbook bias. you should likely read my essay a few posts ago. It’s a bit longer. not the final version I emailed in, but close enough.)

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