A legal question of orthodoxy

Within the case West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnette, there is the following passage:

If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein.

If I’m reading this correctly, that means that any school district or other government institution that requires you to sign or write a commitment to “diversity” is violating the law. Any legal-beagles out there who can confirm or reject my understanding? It would seem that so many school districts say this, and they to do otherwise would be “against their values,” but then they turn around and say preaching values would be unconstitutional, so you can’t push your biblical interpretation of anything. So… if the WVBoE case is right, then…. they can’t discriminate against you if you think one of their “values” is bull. could that make the basis of a class action lawsuit?

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  1. In dictatorships of the past, at least in Europe and the Middle East, superficial observance of the official orthodoxy was required and enforced by severe penalties. The Inquisition was an example of this, but it goes back much further (say, the Roman emperor Constantine). Interestingly enough, further east this apparently wasn’t done; the Islamic rulers of India did not eradicate the local religions.
    Socialism, communism, and similar totalitarian ideologies take it one step further: it isn’t sufficient to give the appearance of orthodoxy, the regime attempts to see into your mind to see if you’re actually orthodox.
    Modern leftists show this clearly. Consider the enforcement of warmist orthodoxy. And for that matter the invention of “hate crimes” — which just a few decades earlier was known as “wrongthink”.

    1. The original Islamic expansion did its best to stamp out faiths not “of the book (of Abraham),” meaning jewish/Christian. Their wars into and past Persia cost somewhere between 80 and 400 million dead Hindus alone. They didn’t eliminate them all partially from practical aspects (tax-farm them) and part from man-power reasons (didn’t have the military strength to do so).

      But that reminds me – many sects of Judaism are very legalistic/mechanistic, in the sense that they think if you go through the right motions, and say the right words, it matters not what is in your heart; it’s the motions that count. Literal “going through the motions.” That’s part of the great schism between Jews and Christians. Seeing the power of public acts and conformity is why the Nazi had large rallies and had the straight-arm salute so often – acts, motions – would ingrain the thoughts. It’s why the Soviet union had parades and such not, and you never wanted to be seen as “the first one to stop clapping.” Today, the SJWs demand you bend a knee, say “diversity is our strength” like a mantra, etc. It’s propaganda and social programming every bit as evil in it’s attempt to control thought as previous attempts… except now, as you point out, they demand not only the motions, but also the actual faith. It’s a cult.

      But breaking people out of a cult is hard… they have to “wake up” first, and not just realize they’ve been suckers, but be willing to admit it out loud. That’s why SJWs attack anyone who leaves the left-wing plantation so viciously – to dissuade the next one who might be having second thoughts from leaving. It’s like a slave owner having a run away slave who has been caught flogged to death while the rest watch. It’s a warning.

  2. I feel the difference from these older cults is the invention of mass psychology/media. The invention of TV, public schools in mass coupled with communist psychology professors have bred a whole new animal.
    As Yuri Beseremov explained, these will not except empirical proof/facts. A majority of them will even have to be exterminated when communism takes over. Because of the dissolution between communist ideology. And communist reality.
    It appears to be engrained through emotion and boredom. Which are human’s two worst enemies. Especially young people. Reinforced by the bait and switch of acceptance and rejection. Always inside the collective.
    More than anything I see Satan as just having changed tactics. Cornered on the chessboard he has only the ability to destroy humanity. Jesus has already won the war. It’s just a matter of to whom you will bend the knee? On earth, as it is in heaven.
    We all die. Let us die well!

    1. Q has been calling for / predicting a “great awakening”, an echo of past ones in times of turmoil.
      Yes, the details are different, as mass media changes how the programming is delivered.
      But the emotional / social / physical needs or people don’t fundamentally change.

      If this goes on for a while, the backlash will be epic, and Trump might win 45 states. The housecleaning mandate such a victory might carry would be rated on the “Biblical Scale”, nearly an early old testament. If you thought the shock and surprise on Hillaries loss last time was tragic-comedic of a Shakespearean magnitude, I’m not sure what November this year will be like – old Greek? Ovid? Homer? might make the riots when the Chicago Bulls win seem like a 5-year-old pinata party.

  3. The communist’s have been at this putsch for a 100 years now. I don’t see elections changing anything. Trump’s re-election will only serve to stroke Trump’s ego. As the sea of educationally inbreed communist will be exactly where they were before. On your front yard. With political protection from middle-management.
    A huge awakening will relieve some of the pressure. But anything this side of cowboys and communist. With much to much over kill. Is going to fail.
    And even that will only accomplish to bring our economy down to the communist Chinese level. Or lower. Our leaders have left us vulnerable to attack from without, and convulsions from within.
    We have to grow a national sense BFYTW! And act upon it. Or die quietly.

    1. I disagree. I think Trump, for all his faults, had a serious / actual Come-to-Jesus moment, and is serious about taking down the background instigators. More importantly, I think he – via Q-anon and team – will be able to nail most of them, and just as importantly expose the corruption of the system so many more people can see it. But it’ll have to get a lot worse before people are ready, mentally, to accept that. As Tim Pool said, people are seeing things like the Tom Jefferson statue coming down and it’s freaking them out a bit, because the ‘where does it end?” question become so obvious, even if the answer isn’t. The possibilities are terrifying.
      I think there is a real chance (greater than 5%) that it will devolve into local cases of cowboys and communists. Possibly more than a few lynchings and hysteria. But they have to be awake, first. And that’s what’s happening now. Painfully, slowly, grudgingly, and with much hysteria. But as the liberal / totalitarian mask slips, people get a better view of reality outside their little bubble…. and they want their bubble back.

  4. Oh, I don’t doubt that Trump is getting serious. If he loses they will bankrupt him and put him in jail. If they can.
    On the flip side. Just who/whom is going return to being lawful citizens after the next election?
    If Trump wins. They will destroy what’s left of civilization.
    If Trump loses they will go back to destroying civilization more legal cover. No matter how it shakes out, America as we know it????
    There was an old Henry Fonda movie called Drums along the Mohawk Valley, I believe. One of the scenes was a church meeting where the pastor said something like this; There is a large enemy coming toward us. All able bodied men are required to show up at such place, at such time. Then he said. Anyone that does not show up will be hanged.
    Do we have such pastors today? Do we have such convictions in our soul? Or is the brainwashing working in us also?
    One can always hope that Trump and the G-men are coming to save us. They have him pretty boxed in DC. and all I hear is rumor…… I’m pretty sure were on our own.

    1. If Trump loses, they’ll publicly discredit him with a high-production-value smear (a la “Wag the Dog,”) and get him offed in some painful way, while looting and disrupting the systems to the point of economic collapse and major wars. It’ll be total 1984 territory. But I’d expect that between the election and inauguration day there’s be action on the 170,000= sealed indictments, and not all of it would be totally er… “by the book,” unless you are considering a lot of Old Testament smiting to be the book in question. If he wins, the more normal forms will be followed in the coming months. In the mean time, things are going to get rocky.

      The programming is hard to fight. It’s easy to go with the flow for the short term. Right now is the time to be patient, speak the truth to all you can reach, stock up, get some exercise, and get on with life. Oh, and if you find that pastor, let me know. If I’m going to go to church, I’d rather not go to one that preaches the Ten Suggestions.

  5. 170,ooo. Good deal. But he better get after opening and serving warrants. He might only have 6 months to do it. 8-9 months from now Valarie Jarrett might be shredding them.
    On the flip side. How many politicians could be serving their term right now for aiding and abiding illegal aliens?
    Was Hillary’s crimes that hard to prove?
    Was fast and furious that well covered up?
    I can see a 170,000 indictments. I can’t see what their waiting for?

    1. The problem is that there are influential people who are Cabal, fell-ow travelers, or the compromised and controlled, in the judiciary, the legislature, the DAs office, the FBI, the cops, the CIA, and all the rest. How do you make an arrest, and get a successful prosecution in that environment? You have to name them all, so that when the mass unsealing comes they all can be recused / arrested/ sidelined at once, so only clean people are in charge of the process, and it can be open and honest. which honest pro-American people in each part of the prosecution of their criminal acts. Opening them early tips the hand, and every prosecution will be “botched” or return a “not guilty” from a compromised jury pool, etc., so it will all be whitewashed as a giant power-grab by Trump.

      It’s so big most people would not believe it a few years ago. Now, many more would, because the mask is slipping, and the level of WTF is getting so high and so obvious. But things have to go so far through the looking glass that a sizable majority will believe it, and demand for ropes and lamp-posts, torches and pitchforks, auto de fetes and public gibbeting will be unstoppable.

      If you are not already following Praying Medic and Q-Anon, you should. It’ll help make something more understandable, even if some of the big pieces are still pretty murky (such as who the ultimate puppet-masters pulling the strings are for sure, and exactly how far back it all goes).

  6. And the optics of arresting 170,00 political opponents on the eve of a life and death election is what?
    Bringing them before a bunch of Obama appointees for arraignment/bail hearing. And picking juries out blue city/ states works how?
    My opinion. The Overton window of law and order has passed. Like seeking fairness from the tax code. You can’t get there from here.
    I love the America I grew up in. But it’s gone. The new world order is stupid is as stupid does. Until stupid dies. And it’s to big NOT to fail. Once again. My opinion.

    1. Yes, it’s a hard problem. Military tribunals can take care of part of it. Optics is at least a part of why he’s not arresting them NOW, in an election year. But IF he were to have the election stolen and the Dem wins as far as the general public / official count goes, then optics don’t matter between the middle of November and the Jan inauguration because he’s out. But that is why the Dems are so hard up for mail-in balloting, is that it’s much easier to defraud the public when counting / manufacturing ballots. (IMHO, vote fraud should be an execution offense.) The Overton window on law and order is shifting, but public events can make it move very fast sometimes. Ordinary people are getting hit with WTF every day. Soon they’ll be in a “strong man to git ‘er done!” mood. Obviously, by next Jan, we will know.

      But yeah, waiting and putting up with the constant stream of theater of the absurd kind’s sucks.

  7. You might have already read; The 45 communist goals for America. As read into the congressional record in 1963. I’m pretty sure were there?
    This is a street fight now. It will only escalate. See who got arrested in New Mexico by whom yesterday?
    Military tribunals are going to held next to a ditch soon. Political power comes from a gun. Commie words. Not mine. Also, history is made by determined minorities. I, just take them for their word is all.

    1. Yes. Such as put forth by Yuri Bezmenov on video (many variations on youtube).
      No, not there personally – slightly before my time, though not by a lot.
      Yes, the NM arrests, were Cabal acts. They are trying to inflame a full on war before Trump can identify and name enough of the higher level and mid level guys to neutralize their power and process things legally. It’s clearly part of a demoralization op, trying to bait Trump into over-reacting to delegitimize him.
      Most military folks are still the good guys. The small number of bad guys have more power than they should because they’ve been preferentially promoted. But if their names are on Trump’s list, too, then….. In any case, it’s going to be an interesting summer, with spiraling escalations and provocations.

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