Someone willing to say it

OK then. This is interesting. The guy is Patrick M. Byrne, former CEO of He’s claiming that he arranged a meeting at the request of the FBI to facilitate a meeting between Hillary Clinton and a Turkish government representative to make a bribe of $18 million on 14 Jan 2016, in Salt Lake City. Then he was told to forget about it, because the higher-up in the FBI knew Hillary was going to win, and she’d hunt down anyone who knew anything about it. Yeah, I’d be scared if I were him, too.

Why is this coming out now? I think it’s a part of an orchestrated reveal by Trump of the corruption at the highest level sin the FBI, the CIA, and other branches of government (including, especially, the Bidens!), to reveal so much corruption that people will be thirsty for blood, to bring heat on government and let him have another 4 years. from here until early January I’d expect things to escalate fast.

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  1. And maybe the Chinese getting ready for the final solution? Put our country in total chaos.
    Let us Bosnia ourselves to the point they can move in. Maybe nuke a few coastal cities if they have to. Take only what they want population wise. And move it back to those empty cities they built all over China. Take over all the rural Ag. for food. That will be shipped back. (Since their ground is crap pretty much.)Food that you can only get if your a good little slave. Serving communist humanity as they see fit.
    And bringing China to the glory Xi has always dreamed of?

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