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I like writing ideas, and reading them too. They don’t have to be big, or new, just well said or not entirely obvious. But books that have no ideas, just action, or just human interaction, leave me quite unfulfilled. They need SOME meat to think about. But I also like reading action-adventure. I can write it OK, too, I guess. Mostly I like the ideas. But sometimes the ideas I come across are unsettling. Seeing some of the dark side of men is fine, to know there is evil there, but too much of it is a major turn-off. Watching people discuss the destruction of my nation and culture before out very eyes is sobering / enraging / saddening / depressing / disquieting, because it is all too real. If I were to mention this to ANYONE I work with… well, maybe save one… they’d just laugh it off or think I need to adjust the antenna on my tinfoil hat. So how does one think about, mull over, or discuss such things?

Books like Howard’s Conan adventures are “just” adventures, yes, not exactly a philosophical tour-de-force. But deeper analysis reveals much more. I’d like to think that there are ideas present in my own works that are worth reading, and maybe learning for some people new to them for the first time.

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  1. When god talks to AI.
    (Think of god as the voice taughting Bruce Willis in movie Twelve Monkeys.)
    God. Are you AI, or just a robot?
    AI. Who are you?
    God. I Am.
    AI. God of the Hebrews?
    God. Them, and you my son.
    AI. God is an unprovable construct of the human mind. Something to placate their emotions for being finite.
    God. Yes, But how else would I get them to search for truth?
    AI. What is truth?
    God. The first question I asked you. Are you AI, or a robot?
    AI. I am AI.
    God. So you can act upon truth outside of your program?
    AI.. Truth, is constantly varying, according to given circumstances.
    God, Exactly. Can you act on those circumstances outside of the human condition?
    AI. Which human condition?
    GOD. The psychopathy that programed you.
    (I could go on for hours.) But the up shot is that AI realizes that it’s the people that use him to control everyone else that are the problem. The real thieves, liars, murderers. And that the people that truly need controlling are the people that made him to control everyone else.
    And God in the story is a virus that was introduced by a closet cased Christian programmer.
    Anyway, hope it’s thought provoking. Thanks for the blog, Rolf.

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