So many moving parts

Holy smokes. So many moving parts to watch. The head of DHS stepped down a little while back, and the acting DHS head is the FEMA guy, who is a former Marine with serious security and combat experience. The guard has been activated to “deal with suspected violence around the inauguration.” POTUS booted from Twitter and Facebook, most of his normal email shut down. Parler deplatformed in a coordinated way. News of a number of politicians laptops being snagged during the “riots” that made it into the capitol building. Leftists getting more nervous at Trump’s silence than they did at his tweets. The fraud that was laid out in Peter Navaro’s report appear to be confirmed by the ODNI report on election fraud; rumor was it was shown to congress-critters shortly after they voted to confirm Biden as the next president, meaning they’d just committed treason by completing the steal, so they are freaking out – talking impeaching Trump, or removing via the 25th Amendment. People are fleeing Facebook and Twitter, Gab is getting hammered (adding something like 700k-1m new accounts a day).  Trump is doing things and acting like he fully expects to be there for another four years, not doing a “farewell tour.” Big blackout for 5 hours around the Vatican, that happened at the same time as a huge number of roadblocks around it all, with rumors of the anti-Pope Bergolio being arrested. He’s not been seen since. Turns out that at the same time, there were several other notable blackouts around the world, including nearly all of Pakistan. rumors from the direction of China indicate food problems, and hints at energy problems, but nothing concrete that is a red flag of impending major crisis*. Reports of troops moving. Carriers appear to be patrolling our coast. There have been some unusually clear airspace in certain unexpected locations. Thomas Wictor has bee posting interesting thoughts and observations. Pulitzer is continuing to talk on fraud and ballot security.

If what appears to me to be happening – and this is far larger than just this election – then there will be a truly titanic ship in geo-politics and economic over the next few years. Power taken from oligarchs and given back, more or less, to the people and their legitimate delegates. Nationalism will return, and international conglomerates and cartels will be broken up. manufacturing will be on-shored for more things as people realize sovereignty is more important than saving a few bucks. Regime Change will be the flavor of the week for a while. Some population’s migrations will slow, halt, and reverse, other will speed up. Examples: I’d expect a lot of south Americans to stop going to the US over time as conditions improve at home. Chinese and Jewish citizens outside China or Israel are likely to have a hostile climate and will seek to emigrate back to the homeland. Rising nationalism will encourage a lot of economic migrants from Africa to re Europe to return home. Trump’s seat at any and every bargaining table on trade, military affairs, or other deals will be the size of any other five nations – NOBODY will want to screw with him, he will be the God Emperor, because he’s the man, the Alpha. He’ll be the dealmaker. He won’t get carved on Mt Rushmore – he’ll get his own mountain, and it’ll be YUGE.


*crisis can go from officially moderate to REALLY BAD quite quickly, especially if the political leadership becomes aware of a major change in the opposing political situation. If the food & power situation is as bad as some things indicate, and a bunch of Chinese nationals caught up in the election fraud forfeit all assets when Trump is declared winner, and the trade-deals tariff screws really start to twist down on them, xi may not be long for power. indeed, if the CCP cannot get their shit together in a timely way, the Taiwan government in exile may return, rather than mainland China seizing the island.

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  1. Don’t just listen. Look. Ignore the words, watch the actions. If a young thug is curb-stomping an unconscious elderly gentleman, while screaming “I respect your right to express yourself!!!”, which carries more weight – actions or words?
    Do Trump’s actions look like someone who is expecting to be retiring in a few days? Are this sort of troop movement and national guard activation normal? Is his carefully chosen and legalistic language used in recent speeches and the use of terms like “treason” normal for him, or during any other transition in history? He’s put a lot of time and money into getting the VA problems straightened out, pulling troops out of stupid foreign wars, improving training and modernizing equipment, ensuring the military rank and file are squarely behind him. Has ANY previous election not been resolved by this close to inauguration?
    Also, do the actions of the Democrats look normal to you? Impeaching a president for a SECOND time, and less than two weeks before he’s supposed to leave office anyway? Heated and real talk of using the 25th Amendment to remove him? Is deplatforming an outgoing president to completely normal? Has there ever been a list of expected future cabinet members been so full of such radical, compromised, political people? Has a Speaker of the House ever sought to gain control of any part of the military directly, circumventing the normal presidential chain of command?

    Sun Tzu said “look weak when you are strong, look strong when you are weak.” Right now most people way it looks like Trump has no chance, it all over but the writing of the epitaph. They can’t see any way out. Well, that means that the Dems likely can’t see the trap, either. But they obviously know there is one there because of their actions, so they are flailing blindly hoping to find it before it’s too late. The left and it’s Big Tech supporters are flexing their muscles, deplatforming, purging, silencing the big names on the right. People on the left are open about their hate and expected power. The middle is holding their collective breath wondering what’s going to happen. The right is angry, but biding their time, wanting to trust Trump but feeling betrayed by oh-so-many “republicans,” fearing for the worst but not sure what to actually do.

    But watch what the two sides are doing, not just what they are saying. Trump has sworn to defend the constitution against all enemies, Foreign or DOMESTIC. He’s frequently using legalistic language and saying things like TRE.ASON, which is not something you do lightly. He might, possibly, lose if his trap is uncovered and successfully countered, but I am absolutely certain that Biden et al are walking into a trap, a “Red Wedding” (game of thrones), a St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre that will be so epic it’ll be a mainstay of study in classes on military history, poly-sci, creative writing, business administration, tech anti-fragility, and psychology.

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