Happy Rubicon Day!

On this day, 10 January, in the year 49 BC, Julius Caesar defies the Roman Senate and crosses the Rubicon, uttering “alea iacta est” (the die is cast). [Please note, although this is the most common translation, it might be better translated as “cast the die”] His actions stunned the Roman Senate, who were certain that he would respect tradition and not cross. This may because they were cowards and expected others to be as fearful as they, or bad military intelligence, but they had determined he was too powerful and decided to have him eliminated once he was separated from his loyal legions.

This may also be the day Donald Trump crosses the metaphorical Rubicon in taking back the American Republican experiment in democratic institutions from the corrupt globalists who have infected and infested our institutions across the land. Please note that over night there was a widespread blackout / power outage in Rome / Vatican city for roughly five hours, along with simultaneously dozens of roadblocks being erected all around and throughout the area. Rumors are that the Pope was being arrested on multiple charges; this is possibly related to the whole Q operation. If true, this is a day that will eventually become be a world-wide celebration every bit as big as the 4th of July is to the USA.

Sadly, it is also the day of the death of Samuel Colt in 1862.

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