We might have to update the painting

Today, Secretary of State Pompeo posted the following pic,

with the caption: “A few final thoughts: The United States of America is the greatest country in the history of civilization.”

Might have to update that pic with the image of a Donaldus Rex God Emperor. Only slightly more than 24 hours of media hysterics before we know for sure how it all goes down (not that the media will actually inform you accurately of any of it).

Meanwhile, there are now up to 65,000 National Guard troops in DC, and more around the nation.

UPDATE: One of the ideas kicked around with some supporting logic is a sort of military “interregnum” between the end of Trump’s first term and swearing in a new president, a period where the military in officially in charge, sorts out, tries, and executes traitors, removes from office compromised people, etc., and either lays out and imposes a new uncorrupted election, or reveals what their evidence is for a legit Trump win. That evidence would need to be explained and made public for the average normie to accept that Trump is the legitimate winner, and it was all a fraudulent win. Not sure what the odds are of this are – maybe 20% or so? I’m nearly sure there will be some sort of military involvement, given that 2,000 National Guardsmen were sworn in as US Marshal Special Deputies. But a whole-hog military-run martial law is a bigger thing.

2 thoughts on “We might have to update the painting

  1. We can argue vote fraud else where. It was obvious and criminal. But the electors went to Biden. And congress excepted those electors. Game over. Constitutionally. And what are the odds of getting the pentagon to go against their own gravy train?
    As much as I wanted to believe their was a spark of freedom left in the denizens of DC.
    The mask is off now, brother. The communist nightmare is upon us.
    Begin, the clown war has. (Just look at the new HHS appointment!)

    1. Not sure what to make of it.
      One of the problems with unconventional warfare is that the normal rulebook is tossed in the trash, and you are into the unsettling realm of “nothing is as it appears.”
      Biden might have the form and appearance of the president, but he got there by fraud, so he’s not my president.
      But as with all things Trump, the 48 hr rule applies.

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