Do you want to play a game?

One of Q’s drops said “do you want to play a game?”
That is a classic line from the movie WARGAMES, said by the AI. People have speculated what it meant.
Recently some big hedge funds “shorted” the stock of GameStop. Word got around.
Gamers and guys on the chans heard, and they LIKE GameStop.

Traditionally, investors make money with “buy low, sell high” and pocket the difference in price as profit.
Shorting is similar, but reversed – sell high, buy low. The speculator borrows the stock first, sells it high, waits for the price to fall, buys it back, then returns it from whence he borrowed it. That is a key part: you have to return what you borrowed, the stock.
If the stock performs as expected, all is well for the investor. But if the price rises, then he has to buy the stock back at a higher price in order to return it from whence it came.
Here is a key difference from normal trading, though: If you buy a $10 stock outright, the most you can lose is $10 if the stock goes to zero in bancruptcy. But with “short-selling,” the price can go up much farther than you might think. If you borrow and sell at $10 expecting it to go to $5 for the buy, you are expecting a 100% gain. But if it goes to $20, you are looking at a 100% loss. But it can go to $30, and you are looking at a 200% loss. What if it goes to $75? Yes, you are looking at a $650% loss. when the guys who started this thing out by borrowing and shorting start to buy stock in desperation to cover their shorts, this increases demand, and can drive the stock even higher. When this death-spiral starts running, it’s called a “short squeeze.” It’s what was engineered in the movie Trading Places. [Holy smokes. Just realized Trading Places was playing in the background of some video recently posted…  gods, what was it…. I’ll update if I think of it]

As of this writing, it’s at about $200 a share. Five days ago it was under $40. Two weeks ago it was under $20. Yeah, looks like an epic short squeeze, putting a big hedge fund in a vice that will crush them.

Fast forward to recently. Gamers and Channers don’t have a fondness for Wall Street, bankers, etc. They just got an economic stimulus money check. They start buying GameStop stock, and the short squeeze is on. Short version – for every $11 this stock goes up, the hedge fund loses about $1 billion dollars. As I understand it, they have to return the  borrowed stock by THIS FRIDAY.

“Do you want to play a game?”

This might be Qs plan to force a banking reset. The cascading hedges and bets and derivatives are have been what triggered the Peso crash, the LTCM crisis, the Tech boom/bust, the housing bust of 2008, the S&L crisis, etc. It appears it is not only GameStop, too. (A bit more background on how this particular item came about is here). The irony of all this getting triggered this time around by the GamerGate crowd and channers is just too priceless for words. The debt implosion will likely cause a spike in dollar value (may sound counter-intuitive, but in a debt-based currency a debt wipeout decreases available collateral, and…. up she goes, at least for a while).

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Update (7:50 AM, 27 Jan 2021 PST): now over $300 a share. Get the lube; some big Wall Street names are getting screwed, and hard.

4 thoughts on “Do you want to play a game?

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in learning about and trying to understand your point of view. I believe you are referring to q-anon, which I know little about. I have heard that the general idea behind q-anon is that somebody named Q on the website 4chan and they are a high ranking government official who is leaking information on 4chan. If I am incorrect about any of that, please let me know. If I am not misinformed or mistaken, I would like to know what reason there is to believe that Q is who they purport to be. For example, if they have revealed confidential information before it was released to the public, that would be fairly persuasive to me. I would greatly appreciate it if you would reply to this so that I can better understand your viewpoint.

    1. Thanks for dropping by.
      Point of view? “Q” or “Q-Anon” is a person or small group of people who started posting questions on 4chan in 2017. Not so much leaking info as asking a series of leading question that enticed people into digging into publicly available information to start building a pattern of information outlining corruption, influence peddling, conflicts of interest, and some really dark or strange shit. Very little is proven beyond any doubt, but you can only get “pretty good” proofs so many times before the coincidences are beyond unlikely. So Q is real. Who, why, specific goals and methods are unknown.

      But there are things Q posted that are very cryptic and unclear and subject to all sorts of potential interpretation, like the predictions of Nostradamus. We have to try to interpret and read between the lines. There are many things we don’t KNOW, but strongly suspect. For example: most people figured that something would happen at the last second to keep Biden from being sworn in. Obviously he did, but it’s appears there some other (bigger) play that most of us can’t figure out, a play that will effectively undo the election or the swearing-in in some way. Trump and Q are suspected of trying for a global cleansing of many types of corruption, not simply the short term focus of winning the presidency. They are aiming at clearing out the Vatican, global banking cabals and international conglomerate cartel power that oppress people, the CCP long arm, the crush of Middle East oil dependency, compromised elected leaders around the world, the pedophile networks of compromising videos, etc. I can see how some parts of things I see in motion could potentially nail branches of that mass of evil, but I certainly cannot see the whole picture. Just enough to be calm, and know that one way or another some powerful and evil people are going to get nailed to wall, and this is the best chance in my lifetime (maybe several lifetimes) to strike a blow against the deep power of old money for the average guy. This stock market action with the short squeeze could be a part of that attack to nuke the rigged markets and bankrupt the scammers and skimmers of Wall Street and beyond…

      I don’t play the markets much any more – used to be heavy into options – but I realized the market was rigged and they could stay irrational and not based on fundamentals longer than I could stay solvent. So I bailed. Now I teach at a small private school and write (books over to the right). Hope that helps. If not, feel free to ask again for more clarity.

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