Country A Cappella with… Don McLean?

The music group Home Free could be normally described as “five white guys doing country a cappella”, which is kind of weird to start with, but it really doesn’t do them justice. They do some really great covers from other genres as well, and write many of their own songs as well. They are incredibly talented, and have worked with some other old-school country music greats, like The Oak Ridge Boys and Kenny Rogers. They just released their own cover of Don McLean’s classic song, “American Pie.” It’s the 50th anniversary of the release of the original song. And they managed to do an outstanding a cappella version singing with the original artist himself. They totally nailed it

For those not familiar with the group Home Free, the artists are:

Tim Foust, (very) base, 5-octive range, long hair with slight white streak
“Chance”, baritone/base with a good range, backwards baseball hat
Robb, smooth lyric tenor , beard and glasses
Austin, high tenor, skinny and long hair, scruffy beard
Adam, world-class beat-boxer, short hair and almost clean-shaven

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