Paper graphics

I’d wanted to have some simple illustrations for the paper edition of Komenagen: Slog, but for some reason it’s hard to actually convince an artist that when you want to see what they can do with a 5-minute sketch to convey an impression of a scene, I mean a literal 5-minute piece of art based on a one-line description. Man of the Atom delivered these examples, and I think he’s spot on.

Obviously, can can be sized and positioned to fit. at five minutes per, that’s about a dozen per hour, and I can afford a few hour’s work to make the print edition a lot more attractive.

What do ya’ll think?


3 thoughts on “Paper graphics

  1. Great!
    That last one (looking down from the pinnacle) is exactly the image I had in my mind when I suggested that as a possible cover design.

  2. I like his figure drawing and the action scenes convey the action quite well but I’m actually not loving the last one. I like the idea of it but the drawing, It looks a bit muddy to me ?‍♀️

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