Woke is now the law in WA

The governor, Jay “almost as sharp as a marble” Inslee has signed a bill that would mandate Critical Race Theory training for all public school teachers and administrators. So, that means a couple of things.

  1. It violates the state constitution and laws
  2. It violates most school district’s “human dignity” policies
  3. It will cause a major jump in home schooling
  4. It will result in any number of lawsuits at local and state levels
  5. It will cause a lot of public school teachers to leave, either retired or quit
    1. I have no idea what sort of unqualified people will get hired to replace them
    2. This MIGHT be enough to wake up a lot of normie parents
  6. It would be a great time to start my own school
  7. This will create a lot of fear and anger both among teachers and staff on one side, and parents and students on the other. It is the definition of a hostile environment.

4 thoughts on “Woke is now the law in WA

      1. My idiot B-I-L managed to do it with his church. It is actually running well a year later. I am sure you can manage it. Hard to do alone, manageable with a core group of like-minded parents.

        1. Maybe I ought to start going to church, so I can find a bunch of fed-up parents willing to collectively throw some money my way…

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