Made a deal

Just signed and mailed off a contract with a publisher, so I don’t have to worry about upfront editing and cover art costs and details in any future books. I’m also working on altering TSCB to conventional prose novel format, to be released when done. I de-published from Amazon so they could upload it and take it from here.

I’ll add more details when it’s available again and the publisher makes an official announcement.

It’s a strange world I live in. Very strange, but oddly nice.

UPDATE: Looks like the new product link is . Comments haven’t followed it over just yet, and the cover is a bit different. The conventional prose format cover will be totally different.

UPDATE II: Castalia House. Comments have migrated over. Vox talks about it here.

5 thoughts on “Made a deal

  1. Just wanted to join the fun here at your website. I’ve purchased and finished the book and commented to Amazon and on the Vox blog.

    I am looking forward to the standard prose version of Stars but am wondering now how that will sit after getting used to the screen play format. After finishing the book, and it did not take long [the Wife was miffed as I read while eating…oh well…] I dove back into a Hugh Howey novel [Sands] just to see. It actually felt a bit strange to read straight prose again.
    I noticed the time line above. Vox and Markku over at Castalia don’t let the grass get very high under their feet do they? I suspect the usual suspects that hate VD’s guts simply cannot comprehend how quickly they can move with the new publishing house. It’s has been and will continue to be the greatest entertainment, outside decent books, to watch all this happening. And, I’m so glad they were able to give a nice boost to your career. I would not be surprised if some media company optioned you story for a movie and/or series.


    1. Yes, they do move fast. I’m not likely the fastest writer in the world, at least not yet. And writing isn’t a career (yet), because the cash-flow is rather low to raise a family on, until I’ve got a really BIG hit or a whole shelf-full of product, or maybe a movie deal. I’m trying to be a teacher, but that doesn’t pay much, and the other half is under-employed, too. If I could crank out 5k words a day of the quality that this story is, then I’d do OK. But it took a while (while admittedly not taking it very seriously) to write, and part of it was because of feedback posting it as a serial. While the cash from a serious movie deal would be great, I don’t view that as likely. Not because it’s not a big-screen worthy story, but because it isn’t politically correct. OTOH, with a couple of the main characters being East Indian (two hunks and a gorgeous babe) might help boost marketability in the Indian market (more than a billion people, many of which speak English). While Harbin is obviously a lower rank than Lag, they are clearly as much friends and equals as officer and non-com.
      Oh, and thanks for the review on Amazon. They help.

      1. India would be a great market. You might have significant PC problems there, though. Even though Gandhi was opposed neither to self defense nor to guns, as several great quotes of his will show you, I have the impression that the notion of “it’s good to be defenseless” has been indoctrinated into India even so. Consider some of the panic when it was suggested that defense against rape might be a good thing.

        1. While pacifism might pose a market problem, and a Muslim as the main enemy might pose a problem as well, I think there are still a substantial number that would understand and approve of honorable self-defense. I specifically chose Sikh over generic “Indian” for a reason. And hey, if the series caught on, it might have a positive social discourse impact.

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