I got an email from Eric S. Raymond, often known as ESR in the open source software movement, asking for a review copy of my book, saying he’d heard it was just exactly the sort of thing he plugs on his blog from time to time.

Uhhhh, yes! What format would you like?

So, at some point in the not-to-distant future, there will hopefully be a plug for the book to his ~22k followers. That would be a heck of a Christmas present…

4 thoughts on “ESR

    1. I would hope so, but you can never tell. L. Neil Smith said he’d read it and give it a review, but then nothing came of it. I know he’s busy, with many irons in the fire, and he’s an atheist, and it’s a strange format that might just not scan well for him – no way to know for sure. It might still happen some time.
      I can of course hope ESR thinks it’s the greatest story since the Declaration of Independence and plugs it as such. But I’d be happy with a verdict of “decent story worth buying,” and thrilled with anything more than that. Everyone likes different things, and there is something in my story for just about everyone to like, and to hate, because it touches on so many different ideas.
      Fingers crossed, and I hope you are right.

    1. I’m not sure if “awesome” is exactly the right word, but yes. Maybe “amazing” would be better. It would be interesting to know just how it came to his attention, and I certainly look forward to his review of it. I’m definitely a small fish in the sci-fi ocean, and bumping into some of the big names is interesting. Be more fun to meet them all in the flesh some time, but it’s not very likely.

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