Boomershoot fast approaching

The first weekend of May is Boomershoot weekend this year. I’ll be there. I have to start getting ready. I have met a lot of “somebodies” there over the years, various people famous or infamous (or at least well-known and recognized) in their own particular circle, if not leaders in the field. Mostly gunnies, but not entirely. Lots of very smart, knowledgeable, and often quirky folks. It’s a great place to hang out, where diversity (of calibers) and freedom of choice (of targets) is celebrated, and the only “trigger warnings” ever heard are when discussing technical accuracy or safety-related issues. It’s a place where “ATF” might as well be a local convenience store, and calling someone a redneck will get a quizzical look and a response of “Well, yeah. What did you expect? A bunch of engineers, geeks, and lawyers blowing stuff up in Idaho?” (please note for those who know nothing about it: the Venn diagram of boomershooters, engineers, geeks, and lawyers has a LOT of overlap).

Editing, writing, teaching, and cover-art are moving along well.

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