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  1. Welch made some pretty decent points regarding the economical changes to come, but I feel that he went a bit too far in some of his comments regarding government and the American people. To be specific, I disagree with the following points during the first 3 minutes:

    6. Greatly increased socialistic controls over every operation of our economy and every activity of our daily lives – Now, I am not quite certain what Welch means by socialistic (he was speaking in the 1950s, when socialism had a slightly different meaning than nowadays), but I am fairly certain that personal freedoms have only increased since then, and that the economy is still engineered by the exceedingly wealthy on the top, rather than being socialistic in nature.

    7. State lines will mean no more than county lines – Eh, a quick glance over any news articles that recently came out about abortion laws somewhere-or-the-other should be enough to state that, while this may come true at some point in the future, it is by no means true right now.

    9. The impression of the horror of modern warfare upon the American populace – America has been at war for at least 222 of its 243 years of existence, and we in fact have the opposite problem in my opinion. Glorification of violence in the media, desensitization to school shooting and massacres, and (possibly) violent video games have all resulted in a nation that is MORE comfortable with warfare now, rather than less. Of course, this is one of those subjective things that would be left open to interpretation.

    10. The acceptance of the American public of gradual appeasement leading to gradual surrender – Again, I think we have the literal opposite problem as the one stated by Welch here. Essentially, we are too reluctant to come to peaceful terms with our opponents (Vietnam, Korean War, etc were all dragged out longer than necessary for very little practical gain), although of course peace is sometimes impossible (Hussein, for instance). The only nation that we have been appeasing in recent times that comes to mind is Saudi Arabia, which has us by the short hairs due to the petrodollar – basically, submission to capitalism, not communism.

    I freely admit I did not watch the rest of the clip, as I believe there were 2 separate speeches spliced together by the video maker and I wanted to focus on only one of them. Should it transpire that I have been mistaken about some of my issues with the video, I will probably watch the rest of the clip in order to gain a better understanding of the Welchian Perspective. Sorry for the ramble, and have a nice day.

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