Ed Thought III

PJW is right. you have to build your own platforms. The left is marginalizing everyone they can with every tool they can, deplatforming, unpersoning, disemploying, and harassing. It’s a psy-op. While I don’t know all the details, the world around you is not how presents itself. I expect an interesting few months ahead. In the mean time, carry on while building your own platforms, whatever and wherever you can.

2 thoughts on “Ed Thought III

  1. When does it stop, though? In the past I’ve referred to this as the “Cripping and Blooding” of the US culture, meaning: if Red America has to build a parallel world because Blue America isn’t willing to share the one we already have, how is that any different than what street gangs do? Will there be grocery stores for Red and Blue America? Movie theaters? Restaurants (Chick-Fil-A is already a Red restaurant, obviously)? If it’s going to get this bad, why not simply divide into two countries, and all the Commies can go live together and all the Deplorables can go live together?

    1. Excellent question. The problem (well ONE OF the big problems) is that we live, physically, side by side. Two groceries works fine, you go to one and the other guy supports the other one. On-line platforms are the same – I go to my preferred websites, they go to theirs. But the problem is that they are shutting down access to wrong-think on the major/dominant platforms. Outright bans, shadow bans, view-count games, failure to promote content fairly, etc. People need a viable, non-left-controlled alternative to go use. While that works for stores and websites, it can’t work for physical splits, because the r-selected parasites, dems, and the rest turn their own place into a shithole then migrate to where the nice things are and do it again. So you need something that they can see, but can’t shit on, can’t control, and can’t invade. Everyone has to work within the sphere they know best, and make a “safe space” there that others can come to. I’m working on mine. Not at fast as I’d like, but… it’ll show up. I think I have enough of the parts of the idea, and the people are receptive because there is so much crazy in the schools today. Soon….

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