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Working on getting cover art for the next book, “Komenagen: Slog” done. Initial sketches look good, and have been accepted. Moving forward on it. The art will include enough “generic” background on the left that it will make for good wrap-around art for the paper-printed book, giving the spine and back a distinctive appearance, too. Should be done and published before the end of October. Once final copy is done, I’ll post an example here.

2 thoughts on “Cover art

  1. Excellent news, I have my mouse on the Buy Now button at Amazon.

    Any progress on the STAG USS Hammerhead story that we beat around 3 years ago or so?

    1. Not really, been busy. At some point I’ll likely get to writing a lot of short stories, “taj episodes”, and such-not, and put them all in a single book format. In the meantime, I’m working on what will likely become (eventually) a massive time-suck (in a good way).

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