The “Publish” button has been hit

And “Komenagen: Slog” is a GO!

Funny side note: when I was filling in the fields to publish it asked for “artist”, and I was thinking “cover artist”, so it has Scott listed as a “co author,” but he did the cover art. I’m expecting to add some (no idea how many) interior illustrations when it goes to paper, and most likely I’ll hire him.

Quick secondary note: if anyone reading it finds any typos or errors, let me know so I can fix things and post an update to fix them.

Thirdly: Reviews are greatly appreciated. Even a short note with a rating is helpful. People are much more likely to make a speculative purchase on a 3.5-star book with a thousand ratings than a 5-star book with only two.

2 thoughts on “The “Publish” button has been hit

  1. And a review is going up now! I found couple of minor typos (foul/fowl, planning/planing) but that’s a cracking story.

    I expect S. Lag did well and at least made Colonel?

    Nice easter eggs for those paying attention, that team has worked together a long time.

    1. Thanks for the typo report (now fixed, will get a new upload when a couple more get reported – a few always slip past), likely by the weekend.

      Yes, Skaf = Col Lag. Yes, they’ve known one another for a while. And yes, there are a few Easter eggs; glad they got noticed.

      And thanks greatly for the review, too.

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