Stealing an election a fraction at a time

Imagine running a race, say a cross-country 5k. You cross the finish line first in record time, stagger off to get a drink and catch your breath. When you go over to the score-board you see that your time was switched with someone else, and they are handing him the 1st place trophy. You think to yourself “what the heck?!” A few people standing around say “yeah, he crossed first.” You look at the guy and he’s not winded at all, no sweat stains either. You KNOW he didn’t finish the race first, and likely didn’t even run it all the way. You protest, but most of the fans at the finish line don’t say anything, and a few of the other guy’s family are loud, in your face, and adamant that HE CROSSED FIRST! He goes home with the trophy.

Serious question: Who won the race? You  crossed first, he holds the trophy and the score-card records his time as the winning one.

If it was just a practice run, maybe you could afford to shrug it off and not make a scene. In fact, that is what the cheater is DEPENDING on. What if a major college athletic scholarship was riding on your performance in the race? Suddenly it is vastly more important. But what if you already knew that one (or more) of your competitors had a reputation for just exactly that sort of scam, with his friends or family or hired shills to shout out his case and try to shut down the real winner from successfully challenging him? What would you do then? Well, you’d be a fool to not set up cameras and witnesses of your own to watch the race. Yes, it’s a pain. Yes, it takes time and costs money and you might have to be rather not-polite to push your case, but you know they are tough, soulless bastards who have no compunction about lying, cheating, stealing, blackmailing, and bullying. They are used to people backing down in the face of their aggressive “winning” tactics.

Now let us go on an apparent tangent. Scott Adams, of “Dilbert” cartoon fame, describes going through life as “watching a movie” and viewing things “through a filter” of assumptions about what’s true and how things work. It’s not a bad model to describe things how the human mind processes things.

Imagine you are about to watch a movie with a friend, a thriller, and not long before it starts someone tells you a spoiler – “the butler did it!” But your friend hears a different spoiler – the “old guy is actually the daughter in disguise, and she did it!” Now while both of these might be wrong, they cannot both be correct. But as you and your friend watch the movie play out, you will each interpret the scenes very differently, because you think you know where it is going to end up. When you reach the end, and the actual plot-line is laid bare, you may be suddenly forced to re-evaluate much of what you just saw in the various scenes. And if you realize that it was actually the mom who was a double agent who did it as a contract hit, you will BOTH have to reevaluate what you saw, big time.

Combine these two thoughts. That’s where we are with this election. The Establishment, both parties, are used to controlling the corrupt system, to put on show elections while jointly controlling the outcomes with a close “horse-race” and good-cop/bad-cop routine. Both are fine with Trump losing by massive and obvious fraud (and it IS massive and obvious to anyone objective who is seriously looking) as long as the Bifactional Uniparty of corrupt folks can keep control and keep the graft for themselves and family going, and maybe get some extra tail along the way. Trump is a threat to all that. He’s a threat to the crony corporatist faction on the “R” right, and the destructive socialist “D” faction on the left. At the same time, both factions are a huge threat to the 300,000,000 ordinary Americans who are not at the top of the system.

I first heard about voting machines using “fraction magic” vote stealing years ago (this one is from 2016; not sure if it’s the one I saw). Lots of other vids on it This  one on electronic vote security problems is from 2014. Voting machine security was questioned by Dems in GA in 2018.  Vote flipping using “virtual precincts” was simulated in World of Warcraft, and the same sort of strange integer ratios that moved around were found in actual vote tabulation data. The vote tabulation stopped almost simultaneously in a half-dozen swing states in an obviously coordinated fashion, with Trump ahead, then “restarted” in the morning with a huge dump of Biden votes in between. Some of the vote machines have been seized, and they appear to be programmed to count each Trump vote as a 0.87 of a vote, and a Biden vote as 1.13 of a vote, giving a shift of 26%. (And even then, with a 26% boost on some machines,  it was still close. I’ve got a load a links below, and there are some I read and now can’t find. if you find them add the link in the comments below.) Giuliani claims to now how more than a thousand sworn affidavits from witnesses to election problems. On top of that, Michigan had no control of their own elections because of the huge contract with dominion said they couldn’t look ‘under the hood” of how it was actually conducted. (I expect that part of the contract, at the very least, will be voided as illegal.)

Every fraud trick in the book was used, but judging by the drip-drip-drip of ever-more concrete evidence that forces the fraudsters and their cronies to lie in ever more transparent and obvious ways, giving them more rope by the day to out and hang themselves with, I’m guessing it’ll be a wild ride between now and when Trump is inaugurated for his second term. And that’s the plan, it looks like, to expose the fraud, get people fired up, document the crimes as committed, and arrest a LOT of them over the course of the whole thing. I don’t know if the preferred plan involves major SCOTUS action, military action via the Insurrection Act, sudden reveal of a lot of video or live confessions by top players that they force the major broadcasters to carry, or something else, but I’m hoping for a very merry Christmas for all the good folks of this nation, and somewhat more than a lump of coal in all the “naughty” stockings, getting hung up by the firing squads.


Now a busload of voting machines that disappeared is found.

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1 thought on “Stealing an election a fraction at a time

  1. If I may say this again. You cannot steal an election. You can only pretend you did.
    Biden/Harris did not win. They can only pretend to be president. Whatever they do is in reality a crime. And accordingly, Is notwithstanding. It’s usurpation. And cannot be followed as proper government. Nor ever viewed as such.
    Agreeing on a lie does not make it a truth. Numbers be damned.
    If Joe can pretend to be president.
    Does that mean I can play cop, and enforce the laws I see fit? Make up new ones, and enforce those? Judge, jury, executioner? Why not? If we can pretend Joe is the president?
    We as Christians have lived / tolerated the lies of the worlder’s, (for lack of a better term), for far longer than our lord should have tolerated. But this world is about choices. And until the eagles gather over the carcass. We must make them. Right or wrong, and live with them as best we can.
    We have allowed the world to steal the blessing the lord has bestowed upon us. (America, and it’s fruited plain). And have not defended that blessing. Nor the innocent that have been murdered among us.
    We cannot live a lie. It will kill our soul. Which is the third feint. And the true goal.

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