Interesting rumor

Not a shocker, in that it’s what I said was happening a little while back, but it’s an apparent confirmation. guess we will know soon enough. Basically they were watching all the election sights very closely to monitor the counting and mis-counting. We might know what the actual count is after all.

Meanwhile, in “NOT rumor” news, a PA court has ruled the election was “Likely Unconstitutional” Actual ruling here:

Also, Praying Medic’s take on Trump’s path to victory.

Merry (early) Christmas, digital soldiers, centipedes, and Q-anons. 🙂

1 thought on “Interesting rumor

  1. In 1750, children began disappearing from the streets of Paris. No one seemed to know why, and worried parents began rioting in the streets. In the midst of the panic, a rumor broke out that King Louis XV had become a leper and was kidnapping children so that he could bathe in their blood (at the time, bathing in the blood of children was thought by some to be an effective leprosy cure ). The rumor did have a tiny kernel of truth: Authorities were taking children away, but not to the king’s palace. A recently enacted series of ordinances designed to clear the streets of “undesirables” had led some policemen—who were paid per arrest —to overstep their authority and take any children they found on the streets to houses of detention. Fortunately, most were eventually reunited with their parents, and rumors of the king’s gruesome bathing rituals were put to rest.

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