What the game plan looks like now

You can read what I thought before the election in mid-October, with a last thought in the comments on November 1.  What I thought was happening shortly after the election on the 5th you can read here in:
Election Trap (Nov 5)
Election Trap 2 (Nov 8)
Vote Stealing (Nov 11)
You can find updates about fraud-related stories on the Vote Fraud page. If you have not read them yet, start there.

Now that a lot of things have happened, I think a clearer picture is emerging. If what appears to be going on succeeds,  not only will Trump replace George Washington as our greatest president, we will have to look back to Charlemagne or farther to find a greater leader, and maybe to Hannibal to find a better strategist / tactician than his support team (because he’s clearly a brilliant front-man for an amazing  Q team of pros who have been working this plan for a decade or more).

We have overwhelming evidence (if not presented and proven in court, yet*) of fraud. Systematic and huge and wide-spread, at all levels, of all types. (See the above links for details, which will be added to over time.) We have a complicit media. We have shady shell corporations and servers and money flows and people with overlapping boards of directors and ownership of important patents in south America, Canada, Spain, Germany, China, and elsewhere. We have a Michigan AG threatening vote-canvassers with jail if they don’t just shut up and certify rather than actually doing their jobs. People associated with the electronic voting machines are shutting up and lawyering up while scrubbing the internet of their footprints. They’ve identified the guy who wrote parts of the code, and have worked with the companies in question. We have hundred of sworn affidavits attesting to apparently fraudulent (or at least very suspicious) activity. We have a very calm and collected President. We have scads of obviously partisan media (owned by a handful of companies) and big tech (many with either foreign or related heads) twisting words, suppressing stories, obviously misrepresenting what people involved are doing. We have lots of people who are presidential supporters spontaneously doing rallies, filing lawsuits, and getting pissed off at the FBI and other law enforcement agencies apparently not doing anything. The founder of one of the companies involved is reported dead in a Venezuelan plane crash. We have Sidney Powell going after Republicans in GA* for fraud and criminal activities. We have Guido and the Fixers showing up at 4 AM with a 100k+ ballots in several states. We have hackable electronic voting machines running a modded Win10 with no security. Pols under pressure are doubling down with the blatant, flagrant fraud as if they don’t care if we see or know. We have Trump’s lawyers doing technical suits with a lot of bluster but (according to the press) not a lot of real evidence being shown, and no obvious remedy, and lots of people are doing all sorts of random shit on their own…. Wait….

Shady foreign shell corporations with lots of obscure overlap and questionable people in Central America? Isn’t that the CIAs MO? Hmmmmmm…..

So, here’s how it looks to me at the moment.

We know that various US departments and three-letter-agencies have meddled with many foreign nations (elections, insurrections, drug running, gun running, assassinations, etc) for all sorts of reasons, overtly and covertly, for a long time. We know that while the majority of government employees are decent people, there are corrupt people at higher levels of both parties and no party, and often some people appear to rise through the ranks like a rocket with no apparent skill rhyme, or reason. We know that there are foreign actors (government, private, corporate) who seek influence (social, economic, political, military) in our nation for their own benefit in return, and we know they would like to see us weaker. Power is a relative thing, and the less we have, the more they have by comparison. We know that some of them do not support our same ideals and goals, any more than we always support their ideals and goals. These are statements which should not be the least bit controversial to anyone with a modicum of historical and political knowledge.

Trump is trying to achieve several goals: Get reelected, clean out corrupt people from government at several levels, clean up the election system, close down the Deep State, open people’s eyes to the gas-lighting by the media and foreign influence, stop our deep state from interfering with foreign self-determination, shut down foreign influence, and amazingly, do much of the same for most of the rest of the world. This list I’m sure isn’t exhaustive, either. Yes, he’s aiming that big. How in the holy shit-balls can he do that?

Simple – “lose” amid the most egregious fraud ever witnessed in Western Civilization, and then expose it all in spectacular fashion. Remember, he’s a showman. And patient.

The game-plan from here is this: different teams of lawyers, not all working directly or officially with him*, will file a huge number of lawsuits, some high-profile, some hidden amid the clutter. Lots of things will get entered into the record all over the place, too many to keep up with even for the pros. It’ll appear like a huge cluster-fuck, but Trump is a master of chaos. Amid it all, it’ll go to the SCOTUS. From there, depending on which lawsuits get there (some of the judiciary are corrupt and will throw his case out for no good reason… but that will just expose the swamp dwellers, and the re-jiggering of the SCOTUS circuit oversight to put constitutionalist justices in review of nearly every contested state, ENSURING that a couple of the proper cases get boosted up), it could take a few different paths, but a couple of common elements are likely to be shown. The massive, pervasive, coordinated, and multi-layered fraud will be made a part of the record, and the official counts from a number of states (at least 7, perhaps 35 or more) will be declared fraudulent and void in accordance with Throckmorton (1866, “Fraud vitiates every thing”).

Once the vote in one or more states is declared invalid, what remedy?

From there, they might require a low-tech re-vote, they might throw it to the House to vote by delegation, they might declare the fraudulent states rebellion and use the insurrection act. Maybe something else – Trump’s lawyers are nothing if not creative. A snap re-vote would be the hardest, but would be most revealing. At the same time it is also likely that the source of the fraud will be publicly traced back to the CIA’s or foreign actor’s (cough China? Mossad? MI6? KGB? too many possibilities to list, really cough) activities. Could the military group watching the electronic vote fraud in real-time be able to un-screw the count and tell us what it really was, or at least pretty close, state by sate? More than likely. Would or could that be used as the official number? Perhaps, but more likely not.

Well, holy catfish, Batman, widespread fraud with foreign actors – that’s a military tribunal for treason, and runs afoul of a couple of really important 2018 executive orders. And isn’t Sidney Powell* certified to try cases before military tribunals? I’m sure I heard that somewhere. There is also that matter of the nearly 200k outstanding Federal sealed indictments. Now might be a really interesting time for a Chaos Master to open some of them up and start arresting people with Federal Marshals. But that might come later, after people are clued in on messages about how the media KNEW their polling was fraudulent, they KNEW the fraud was real (it’s a violation of their FCC license to knowingly broadcast false info, and Trump keeps using that word). So how do you make it not look like a partisan vote theft and partisan persecution to low info voters?

By taking down some well-known Republicans* first in a big way. Make it bipartisan. Go for some really flagrant violations first, and include a lot of background corruption as well, using the most recent public failures to uphold the law as just icing on the legal cake. Hold a rally in a state and talk up the betrayal of both party AND nation, get conservative people off their asses and active in calling their congress-critters and media on their lies and hypocrisy. The media will pounce on a story of Republican corruption… then Trump can pivot to the Deep State actors and the Dems involved.

Then show it’s part of a globalist scheme, backed by large international corporation who thrive on cheap, desperate, and mobile labor to drive out the little guys and bankrupt and marginalize the middle class, globalists who thrive on corruption, the rent-seeking bankers, shills, race-baiters, and it’s supported by actively promoting corrupted people, and compromising and corruption of those they can once they are in key spots. It’s about taking down the illusionist who are running “the Truman Show” or “Wag the Dog” and mesmerize the average person on a global scale.

We can expect the Deep State and the corrupt pols to fight back – perhaps Covid19 was just an excuse to empty the jails, so their criminal foot-soldiers can be out on teh street to “protest.” Expect false-flag mass shootings. Expect riots and Antifa violence. Expect thuggery moving into the ‘burbs after they burn out a few city cores. Expect them to target some high-profile right-leaning people, hoping someone defends themselves in a way they can spin into a “right-wing violence” narrative. Expect more Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other Big Tech companies to ramp up even more the silencing and deplatforming of conservative and moderate voices, particularly of minority conservatives. There will be a lot of “average” Dems and left-leaning folks who will think that Trump stole it with legal tricks, because they actually believe the mainstream media. They’ll be in shock, and will likely lash out and any available target for their distress, so I’d expect lunchrooms to be hopping.

If he succeeds, it really will be biblical in scale. Buckle up.

*I edited the original for clarity and typos, AND because Sidney Powell filed two suits:
GA Kraken suit.
MI Kraken suit.

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