Election Trap 2

Three items: Benford’s Law, Q, and the SCOTUS.

It looks like there are a lot of attacks on the Benford’s Law data indicating the likelihood of fraud in the close swing-state elections. Now to be clear, it’s not PROOF of fraud, but it’s a strong indicator. So why is the Wikipedia article being re-written to downplay it’s importance, why are Twitter and Facebook censoring it, and “mainstream” media all making a coordinated attack on its relevance? Simple: it’s easy to explain even to 80-IQ normies using small words and simple images, and even pre-schoolers can handle the concept of “which of these things is not like the other?” It lends itself to convincing ordinary people that something stinks, even if it’s not proving it legally in court. It asks the question “if someone has nothing to hide, why are they hiding this?” The left has to shut down critical thinking and people asking questions and demanding investigations and answers. They are trying to derail any close examination of the facts.

More things related to Q are bubbling around. No new posts, but things assembling parts of past  post are connecting to current events. This election was almost certainly a sting designed to get the deep state / international cabal to deploy all assets to ensure that Trump lost, even if that meant that the fraud had to be huge and flagrant. The bad guys are all in, and have left lots of really obvious evidence for any honest court to see and convict on, so much that even honest and normal low-info voters are seeing it. Which appears to have been the plan. Draw everyone out, world-wide, not just a few corrupt big-city pols here in the US. Things will now starting moving very fast, and not just nationally.

Came across a data-point I missed earlier. It seem that there are three lawyers who worked on Bush’s legal team pursuing the ultimately successful court case back in 2000 to settle the Florida election mess in Bush v Gore. Those three hotshots are named Gorsuch, Kavenaugh, and Barret. Hmmmm…. They are VERY familiar with election law, to put it very bluntly. What are the odds? Well, as Q keeps on saying, “there are no coincidences…”


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