Election Trap

Based on what I’ve been seeing on Gab, Ace, Instapundt, Vox (or Vox), Conservative Treehouse, Neon, Revolver, Bayou Renaissance Man, Anonymous Conservative, GNews, Anne Barnhardt, Zero Hedge, One America News Network, the mysteroious Q operation (now here), and elsewhere (including mainstream sources), here is a Big Picture précis on what appears to be happening and a little bit of backstory for those new to the scene.

Power is a zero-sum game; if A has it, B doesn’t. If B wants it, he’s got to find a way to take it. Looking at history, conspiracies, shifting alliances, power-blocks, backroom deals, back-stabbery, buy-offs, buyouts, threats, marriages, bribery, divorces, front-stabbery, ballot-box stuffing, blackmail, open warfare, subterfuge, sabotage, economic warfare, propaganda, false-flags, honey-pots, threats, spies, Kompromat, and more have been used in nearly all times, places, and cultures. Tammany Hall and Grant Administration corruption are de rigueur parts of most public school text-books. No surprises here. The business world has similar but different issues, as to get ahead in business a company frequently needs to cross political palms with silver, so the money and power of government and business intermingle and corrupt the process.

There are without any doubt corrupt politicians and government employees in the US at the Federal, state, and local level, of both parties, both sexes, and all levels. Not all of them, certainly, but enough to corrupt the system. There is at least some election fraud every cycle, from the small-time recent widower who sends back both his own and his recently deceased wife’s ballots with a forged signature, to the medium like the postal worker who conveniently “looses” the ballots from a area that votes heavily in a direction he dislikes, to big-time like election worker printing out, filling out, and literally stuffing ballot-boxes, to the systematic EPIC 138k vote-blocks “dropped off” at 3 AM.

It would be impossible to get rid of all of it, but how can you get rid of all the big and medium stuff, so the trivially small items at the margins have no significant effect?

THAT is exactly what the Election of 2020 is all about. It is a gigantic sting operation. It was meant to go this way. “Watch the show,” said Q. “Watch the water” Q has been saying for years. nobody was quite sure what exactly that meant.

In 2017 election security became an item for Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and a consent-decree the republicans had greed to long ago about not contesting election results (yes, the Rs WERE that stupid!) expired. They made it a priority to figure out how to make sure that election results were seen as legitimate because they actually were legit, and people on both sides of the aisle saw that, even when the other guy’s team won it was an honest win. But that would require that people in power AND normies would be forced to admit there was a huge and systematic problem, and have the political will to be able to force the needed changes over the objections and power of those who benefit from the corruption (many powerful leading pols and large corporate interests, mostly). After all, the first step in any recovery problem is admit you have a problem. If they don’t think the corruption is a problem and people are not going to jail, they’ll find endless excuses to not fix it. Certainly, the pols that benefit from it are not going to fix it.

So a plan was hatched. They watched the 2017, 2018, and 2019 off-season elections closely to determine who was involved and what methods were used. Conservatives were screaming and pulling their hair out that the Trump administration was having elections stolen from them left and right, and they sat on their hands and did nothing but look like complete idiots. The left gloated about their wins and laughed at the Rs, and the right was getting mighty pissed off. But the DHS guys were smart, and watched closely. Then, for 2020, they sprung their plan by letting the frauds do all their normal tricks, thinking they could get away with it because they apparently HAD been getting away with it for years.

But DHS had put watermarks and block-chain codes on proper ballots so they can track and verify them. They monitored electronic voting machine software. They had a lot of cameras and people watching closely. Very closely. They used other tricks as well, but not openly discussed or details known at this time so they can be used in the future. They can sort out a lot of the bogus ballots from the legit ones. Meaning even if they can’t get a “true and accurate” count for election purposes, they CAN PROVE the general magnitude of the fraud. They can filter out the fake ballots well enough to get something close to the actual legit will of the people to call the election legally. They can also likely prove a great deal about who was involved in the large and medium-scale fraud.

The evidence is overwhelming that were was a significant amount of fraud in the swing states of PA, MI, MN, GA, AZ at the very least. just some of the points are: There are huge and glaring statistical anomalies. There are a huge number of “vote for president only” ballots. There are Benford Law digit peculiarities*. The polling places of traditionally Dem strongholds were reported as quiet and had no problems getting through the lines quickly, and traditionally Repub precincts had stories of record long lines in the morning and frequent problems with machines, ballots, markers, etc., yet the reported turnout was huge for Dems and normal for Rs. A number of precincts had in excess of 100% voting rates*. Big tech is censoring the president and silencing or deplaforming pro-trump citizens and groups by the literal thousands as Twitter and Youtube and Facebook purge accounts and disappear messages and posts. Some voters were apparently cast by people born before the civil war, and a number of them in the 1800s. A lot of people were told when they went to vote in person they’d already voted by mail, but those stories come almost entirely from R strongholds. Wisconsin had a 5.5 standard-deviation turnout rate (roughly 1/50,000,000 likelihood)*. Larry Coreia discusses some of the red flags here (he’s an accountant as well as a writer). The count in a number of states suddenly halted when the Trump administration informed the states that the legit ballots were watermarked and could be identified to sort proper ones from fraudulent ones (because the tally can’t be formally challenged until it’s finalized). I might add the details later, and I cannot say for absolutely certain who was committing fraud for whom, but it’s not an arguable point that there was not fraud on a scale that dwarfs the margin of victory, and therefore delegitimizes whoever claims to have won.

“What about the polls?” you object. “The vote outcome was pretty close to what they projected.” Yes, they were. They were reporting what they expected the final count would be, not honestly analyzing what the people they actually called were telling them… And the media pushed that narrative hard…. let the significance of that sink in. They were not honest actors, they were complicit…. Again, let that sink in. Wag the Dog. And the media, whose credibility (and possibly literal lives) depend on it keep pushing the narrative.

(Oh, and I’ve been tracking specific vote-related shenanigan news- vote fraud page.)

Watch the WATER, said Q in 2018……

I think it will be fairly easy for Trump to prove that when you toss the fraudulent votes in NC and GA he’ll keep them, and tossing the bad ones in PA and AZ he’ll get them, and that puts him over 269, and he wins. The Dems will be pissed off, and rightfully so, and demand a recount. Trump is likely to force a recount with good fraud protections in place and known frauds arrested and charged, in all the states where significant fraud is suspected. Rumor is that the National Guard is now involved with count/recounts/events in 12 states, though the details of how exactly is not known to me at this time; I suspect it’s largely ensuring that the ballots being counted pass at least a couple of basic “is it a legal ballot or an obviously fraudulent ballot?” tests. When that happens, I suspect a MASSIVE change in the totals will occur, and more likely than not (considering the Dem strongholds are where a great deal of the large systematic fraud happens) he’ll be declared winner in several more states, likely with a total of around 350 EC votes, and a sizable popular-vote majority.

The media spin will be that he’s disqualifying legit ballots and stealing the election.

That result will give people the righteous anger they need to demand change, and give him the win and the political capital to force election system reform so that large-scale fraud is much harder if not impossible. It will also allow them to arrest, prosecute, and jail, deport, or execute the perpetrators, as needed, depending on the details of the individual crimes. (and, yes, systematic election fraud to elect a compromised person into the presidency knowingly at the behest and benefit of a foreign power might be a treason-level crime warranting a death sentence; folks here are playing for keeps every bit as much as the Roman Senate, circa 44 BC).

This is a pivotal moment in not just US history, but world history. Many powerful people are facing losing it all; powerful people who have benefited hugely over the years by their involvement in the corruption of the system are going totally all-in to save their own asses. They will lie, obfuscate, misdirect, and try every dirty trick in the book to keep their gravy-train going if they can, or at least avoid being held to account for their many crimes. I’ll leave the scale of those crimes for another post some time later, perhaps. For now, don’t believe the mainstream voices – do your own research, check the facts, look at the details, be skeptical of everything, and don’t jump to conclusions. A friend of mine has what he calls the “48 hour rule.” When there is something on the news that makes you think “what the heck?!” don’t freak out. Wait a couple of days because the first reports are all wrong in so many different ways. The main-stream media are playing up some things with the election, trying to build a narrative, while totally ignoring other things. Don’t just mindlessly listen to what they ARE saying, ask yourself “what are they NOT saying?”

Wait a few days, and set your BS-detector on maximum.

* Notes:

Benford digit for teams Biden (top) and Team Trump (expected in gold, actual in blue):

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  1. All that and more are long overdo. And that would explain a lot of the do-nothing DOJ of the past four years. To me, it would have been very hard for the left to not gotten wind of it. We’ll see.

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