The whole diversity thing isn’t about acceptance…..

It’s about control, conformity, and public humiliation.

Here is a short news story. Summary: Sorority at a very liberal college pushes diversity and “woke” social agenda. They got pushback on an anonymous feedback form. The sorority leadership decried this obvious white supremacy and bigotry and publicly shamed the sister into revealing herself. The objecting sorority member was… not white. Sorority now in turmoil after said non-white sister asked to be formally ejected from the sorority.

White girls kicking out a non-white girl to fight white supremacy…. Love it.

Woke – is there anything it can’t do?

2 thoughts on “The whole diversity thing isn’t about acceptance…..

  1. They rebelled so long about being kept bare foot and pregnant for some husband.
    But they do it gladly if the government is paying?
    Woke, anything it can’t do? Fix it’s own sewer? Other than that it’s fun to watch….from a distance.

    1. Indeed. In my current reading about slavery, human trafficking and bondage, one of the things that keeps cropping up is that many of the (white) children nabbed in the UK to deport to the new world as a way of ridding the isles of ‘undesirables” is that the boys were expendable and it wasn’t an accident they were worked to death (the last think they wanted is a breeding population of lower-class scum), but a lot of the girls (often 8-16 YO because shipping them across was cheaper, just a “half-freight” each) were marketed as potential wives, and many of them were bought for just that. Many tried to flee, but either died in the woods, or were captured. Some – many, perhaps, solid numbers are hard to find – were adopted by the eastern Indian tribes. People today have absolutely NO IDEA how good they have it.

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