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  1. I think that VAERS undoubtedly underreported adverse effects of vaccines previously. This is because previously when I got vaccines, I either wasn’t told that VAERS existed or it was only briefly mentioned. I’ve felt mildly unwell for a few days after getting vaccines, but I didn’t know to report it. With the COVID vaccine, it has been different. After receiving it, I received a daily text with a link to VAERS with a survey asking about side effects which took about a minute to fill out. After a week, I received the texts weekly, then not at all. I think VAERS has changed from being a system that almost nobody used to a system that (I’m guessing) at least a quarter of the country used, so there are bound to be more reports of people who die after getting a vaccine, though they didn’t necessarily die because of it. If I’m missing something, let me know.

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