The subversion and inversion invasion

Interesting video on current political/social trends. Very good first 3/4 of it, sort of goes off the rails from my perspective near the end, but still makes some good point.


2 thoughts on “The subversion and inversion invasion

  1. Very good. Thanks Rolf. Your right, the guy did good right up to the end. Thinking humans are going to one day evolve is the utopian dream that ends in hell every time.
    We can kind of maintain through repenting and the saving grace of lord Jesus.
    But evolving? God showed us how that was going to go at the tower of Babel.
    And here we go again.

  2. Agree. He was over the target until he started advocating for “a little socialism” under the rubric of “kindness” without realizing that by doing so, he was falling for the same deceptions he had exposed so well in the first part (and also without recognizing the inherent evil of socialism in that it is inseperable from totalitarianism or the fact that the poor were fed and cared for before the advent of socialism–i.e. history always begins in a city during the industrial revolution for all socialists, doesn’t it? and also without recognizing the actual causes of the workers’ complaints the socialists have exploited so well since Marx).

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