Mid-term view of the disease course

As I continue to update my Plague Page with various stories and links related to the WuhanFlu, Cov19, Kung Flu, Sino-Lung Rot, I see a lot of hype, but also a lot of more cautious data, as well as a whole lot of things from “out of the blue,” anecdotal things, and rabbit-holes related to disease, vaccines in general, health, and the immune system. Here is my current big-picture take on the expected course of things.

First of all, there is some speculation about the actual contents of the injections being given. Graphene oxide is being reportedly found in at least some samples. some people were also “accidentally injected with simple saline solution.” There is also the fact that according to VAERS data the reported side-effects rate is highly variable with different lots – one of the early reports was that nearly half the reactions came from just 20 lots of more than 5,000 lots delivered so far. Different “jabs” from different makers have different methods, and some people have done a “mix-and-match” so even something as basic as “what the hell’s in there and who got it?” is up for grabs to a degree.

Around here, a LOT of people have gotten stuck with it. Near as I can tell, most had mild side effects, didn’t report anything because they were told it was normal. Recent jobs/labor reporting indicates a HUGE up-tic in people going on disability, however.  Some people are predicting all who got it will be dead within 2-3 years. At this point, while I think it’s possible, I very much doubt that. Too many potential mitigation strategies, and unless this is the first half of a binary bioweapon it’s current fatality rate is to low.

So. What I’m expecting to see among the vaxxed (in no particular order, and not with any expected ratios or percentages, as there isn’t enough data yet):

Big upswing in disabilities, chronic diseases, mysterious maladies where the vax is ruled out immediately, infertility, inflammation-related problems, and blood related problems. many will be dismissed by the medical community with a prescription $$ that may or may not help and a vague diagnosis.

Eventually a much greater level of skepticism in modern medicine, vaccines, and “professionals” of all sorts.

A lot of freak-outs and division between the vaxxed who are in denial and have been conditioned to be fearful and hate the unvaxxed.

A lot of unusual political partnerships will be forged or broken over this.

A major shit-show over the blood supply, reminiscent of the potentially HIV-tainted blood issues in the 80s and 90s is brewing, over vaxxed versus unvaxxed blood.

The dating/relationship scene will become… exciting… as people looking for potential mates start realizing the potential long-term side-effects of the vaxx, and start segregating almost as much by vaxxed status as they have historically segregated by race. the “marriage-market” value of a healthy, un-vaxxed and likely fertile woman will be FAR higher than a vaxxed and fertility-risked woman. That simple fact will cause some major social issues and hatred.

The rate of people choosing to not vaccinate their children, or vaccinate them with “traditional” vaccines at a slower rate and much  more selectively will explode.

The vax-push and masking insanity in the public will cause a large increase in homeschooling. How much will be hard to separate from the number caused by CRT.

There will be a bell-curve of problems. Some, with good immune systems and diet and all will appear fine, and will be held up as “normal” and will be backed by bogus but sort-of-technically-true stats, while some with mild persistent symptomatic problems will be quietly acknowledged but the importance and numbers minimized. The numbers of dead and permanently crippled will not be acknowledged by officialdom unless forced to by Trump and the alternative media and lawsuits.

The elderly and immunocompromised will have a significant increase in death-rates, especially during the traditional flu and cold season. This will be used as an excuse to vaxx everyone.

Boosters will be pushed, but will backfire.

Because of the difference in vaxx rates in different groups, it will have a measurable effect on the demographics of the nation, with a higher percent whites being killed or sterilized than other ethnic groups. We will see at least hint at these numbers within 2 years, should know for 90% sure in five, and solidly by the 2030 census. To early to know the sterilization rates yet, but if it’s high, then…. minority status within 15 years, even it immigration goes to zero, unless the non-vaxxed birthrate takes off.

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