It’s about to get real

Looks like the shitstorm is just about to hit the industrial airflow device. From here

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is expected Friday to announce a mandatory vaccine policy for all active-duty forces in the U.S. military, Fox News has confirmed.

The directive that all 1.3 million service members will be required to get shots in their arms comes just days after President Biden urged all federal employees to get vaccinated.

Currently, if the numbers are believed, between half and two thirds of the military is vaxxed. The rest have been standing strong under a great deal of pressure. Now comes the critical point- how many will resign/be discharged/ be coerced / arrested / whatever, rather than take the #ClotShot under compulsion? If a third of our military says “FU, better out than dead,” then there are more than a few places in just a wee tad of a pickle. What happens if an entire missile silo group are all on team no-vax? or 80% of a frigate? Or two key guys in a company that makes it all but combat ineffective?

Crunch time. Stock up if you haven’t already. Fuel, food, water, coms, etc. Looks like the next two weeks, with the “Delta Variant” narrative heating up, the AZ audit report due, and now this, along with a rumored trucking strike against any company that imposes a vax-to-work mandate, it’s going to be a hit August.

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