Constitutional Amendments

A common social studies class assignment, after spending a far-too-brief time studying our own constitution,  is to ask the students for proposed amendment to correct perceived shortcomings in our legal system. Most of them are laughably bad, of course, as most students don’t really understand how the parts of it work together, don’t appreciate the freedoms it recognizes, nor the actions of unintended consequences when there are  changing incentives. So, here are a couple of mine. Feel free to add your own thoughts.

  1. No person with dual citizenship, explicit or implied, naturalized citizenship, or foreign citizenship, may hold any position of power, trust, or authority in areas of critical social, defense, technology, or physical infrastructure, to include but not limited to law or law enforcement, banking, defense, education, news or entertainment media, government at any level, essential software, or food production.
  2. Require that all congressional speeches and questioning of witnesses for testimony purposes, be given under oath, or with an explicit note in the congressional record that the congressman declined to be honest.
  3. No US government entity can purchase goods or services not produced within the US, made or supplied by natural-born US citizens.
  4. No foreign aid money may be appropriated or spent unless the budget is balanced.
  5. No federal, state, country, or municipal government budget may increase as long as they have any outstanding debts of more than 10% of their current annual budget.
  6. Any government employee or contractor enforcing a law that is found to be unconstitutional shall be stripped of all government employment and benefits, and can be sued to recover damages by any injured party.
  7. No real property within the use can be owned by foreign people, corporations, or countries; it can only be leased for up to seven years, revocable because of behavior that is contrary to the interests of the people of the USA. They will have up to three years from the time this passes to sell it in an orderly fashion. If they do not sell it, then it will be confiscated by the federal government, advertised widely, and sold at auction to residents of, or corporation incorporated within, the state where said property exists. No individual or corporation, directly or indirectly, own more than 25 family homes in one state, or more than 200 in total.
  8. Immigrants are not eligible for any public assistance. Illegal immigrants are subject to immediate deportation. Illegal immigrants who are convicted of any crime of violence are subject to any penalty up to summary execution by hanging or firing squad. Anyone attempting to cross the border illegally at locations other than properly regulated and designated border crossings may be considered an enemy combatant and dealt with accordingly. Any nation encouraging their citizens to illegally imigrate into the US shall suffer trade sanctions; any nation on our borders allowing or helping foreign national to cross their nation in enter the US illegally SHALL suffer increases tariffs and/or other substantial sanctions.
  9. No “civil asset forfeiture” may be done without a crime proven in a court of law, nor can assets seized be in any way used to enrich the seizing entities or individuals.
  10. No more anchor-babies; exact wording may need to be rather more complex than some other items to cover variations on a theme. Something like: Natural-born full citizenship is granted  automatically to those who have: two citizen biological parents; one natural-born and one resident alien biological parents who are married and stay married until the kid is 18; one natural-born and one resident alien biological parents who accept full financial responsibility for the child, and the child in born on US territory; the mother is a natural born citizen and gives birth on US territory. Any child born on US soil to a woman who is an illegal immigrant or temporary visitor such as student  or tourist, shall be deported with the mother to her home country within 10 days (or as soon as reasonably possible), with a certificate of live birth that does NOT recognize or grant citizenship. A child born on US soil to a resident alien woman not married to a US citizen for more than 6 months at the time of birth shall be deported when her current employment contract is up. Any citizen helping immigrants enter the country illegally shall have voting rights stripped for a period of not less than 5 years, restored upon application and continued exemplary behavior; repeated offenses shall have increasing penalties. No refugees from nations not on our physical border will be accepted.
  11. As this is a fundamentally Christian nation, no one of active non-Cristian faith may hold elected or appointed government job.
  12. Because of the inherent conflict of interest, no government employee, nor citizen who draws the majority of their annual income from a government transfer payment of any sort, may vote as long as they draw the money.
  13. The 16th and 17th Amendments are repealed. A sales tax of no more than 20%, “FAIR-Tax” style, with pre-bates to citizens for the taxes on the poverty-line expenses, shall replace the income tax.
  14. Require all elections to be done with an easily auditable and transparent process that doesn’t rely on automation at centralized locations for counting, or any significant number of mail-in ballots, and defines election fraud as sedition, and is punishable accordingly.


Now, there are some things that should be policy, IMHO, but do not need anything like a constitutional amendment to do them, so we could do them much sooner.

  1. No immigrant shall be  given welfare payments under any guise while we have homeless veterans, or veterans in need of counseling or medical/drug treatment.
  2. Because the strong nuclear family is the building block of any stable society, tax and other policy should incentivize it strongly.
  3. Government is instituted for the stability of the social order and the betterment of citizens of this once-great but now-faltering nation; we cannot be, and should not be, the sugar-daddy to the world and the people of everywhere. Fix the home front first.
  4. No education curriculum should be written or designed or delivered by foreign nationals or people who have divided loyalties via dual citizenship, or are not part of a sustainable nuclear family. All major topics of education should have the “elephant test” applied to the curriculum, as being selective with the truth is a common feature of subversives and liars (they say things that are true, but only half the story).*



5 thoughts on “Constitutional Amendments

  1. Re #14: more specifically, I would want a requirement that all votes be conducted by paper ballots, marked by hand by the voter. (They can be read by machine for convenience and speed, but recounts would be done by hand and eyeball.)

    Something that surprising is not in the Constitution and needs to be: only citizens can vote, and be elected, in any election for any office at any level.

    Here’s something I proposed some years ago: the “Equal Protection Amendment” (

    1. No person holding any office under the United States, or any of them, may keep or bear any arms except those that may be borne by all law abiding competent adult citizens both in his place of residence and in the location of his office.

    2. No person holding any office under the United States, or any of them, may be protected by any personal arms he is barred from keeping under the previous article.

    1. Something that surprising is not in the Constitution and needs to be: only citizens can vote, and be elected, in any election for any office at any level.
      this is an artifact of converting a Republic into a Marxian Democracy.
      at the founding of the nation, less than 25% of all Free, White Men in the country were permitted to vote. the Founders didn’t think it necessary to define eligibility in the Constitution as
      a – this was a States Rights issue
      b – all 13 colonies had very stringent requirements in order to attain the Privilege ( not a Right ) of voting.
      Voting is not now and never has been a “Right”. the franchise always was a Privilege, which one party and then the other extended in efforts to gain voting blocs. the 15th Amendment is, in fact, a serious abridgement and violation of States Rights.
      something else to consider, Slavery has always ( and i do mean ALWAYS ) been Constitutional and Lawful in these United States. the 13th Amendment not only does NOT outlaw Slavery, it explicitly tells you how you may Lawfully hold ownership of one. this may, of course, be superceded by local Law, just as there is no Constitutional problem with a county banning liquor in spite of the fact that the Federal prohibition against alcohol was voided nearing on a century ago.
      the historical purpose of the Constitution is to limit and constrain THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
      modern application of Law is used primarily by the Federal government to limit and constrain both the States and We the People.

  2. Sounds grand. But if you haven’t removed those that ignore the constitution in it’s present form. Why bother?
    The problem with the present document is that it has no one to enforce adherence. Except those that are in the best position to abuse it without consequence.
    Thus the reason for 2A as something that amends the constitution. Stressing the need for a trained militia. And forbidding government from violating the trade of arms among the people.
    One will find evil in their much speaking. Notice how the wording gets longer the closer we are to collapse?
    What was the last bill in congress, 2,800 pages?
    Amendments have to be short and concise. Or they will be used to destroy that which they were wrote to protect.

    1. How about: “It is legal to kill any politician who votes for a law that is in the plain language in violation of the constitution, or is largely a variation of a law that has been previously struck down as unconstitutional. Any legal voter may use any means appropriate to end the pol’s unconstitutional law-making and not injure innocent bystanders; any bystanders injured or killed may be prosecuted under manslaughter statutes. The politician must be given 30 days notice to correct his actions before execution may proceed.”

      Yes, obviously somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but anything short of something like that (more or less modeled on the way politicians were kept in line in the story “Lone Start Planet” by H. Beam Piper) is subject to corruption by the courts, etc.

      1. And what would keep evil men from using it for the power, money, control equation? (use any two, to get the third.)
        Instead, they gave us the 2A as a warning to all. If we can’t read the simple truth of it. and understand what it purports. Were lost anyway.
        Our problem is we fear the judgement of man, more than the judgement of god.
        And we’ve been brainwash into believing the two are somehow related.

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