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Thune Runner XVII

Two days after they’d taken to Cake Rock, the victim being slowly and painfully executed was the messenger they’d sent to call for a relief force. He’d been brought in with a returning force of Thune who brought the surrounding army to an estimated eleven hundred warriors. The mood of the Argentain camp turned black. The weather was dark and dreary, the occasional arrow lofted randomly by a passing rider kept them under cover, and screams of their dying comrades slowly surrendering their life force to the fiendish devices of their tormentors kept everyone on edge. Continue reading Thune Runner XVII

Thune Runner XIII

Many dead littered the little valley, but the Thune still greatly outnumbered all the infantry in sight. Once out of the valley, in the slowly growing daylight, and with range to properly use their bows, it would be easy hunting. With primal screams of rage and anguish, now that they could see them retreating to a nearby hillock with the horses to make a last stand, they charged again, screaming curses and vows to make the survivors wish they hadn’t. Continue reading Thune Runner XIII