Looks like I’m close enough to done that I need a couple of proofreaders, ones that will read, notice things wrong, and let me know about them so I can fix them. Not sure how many I’ll need. I can email the story in parts, a proofreader can make comments and highlight stuff using the “review” feature in MS Word, and when I get a commented section back I’ll send out the next hunk. There shouldn’t be a lot of errors, but I’d like the final copy as clean as possible. My editor would be doing it, but she had to go deal with a family situation and will be away for a little while.

Post a reply if you have the time and are interested.

5 thoughts on “Proofreaders

  1. sign me up… in for a penny or a pound. I have some experience and know some tricks of the trade.

    or don’t… I’m happy to help but if you have enough, so be it.


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