Never really thought of myself as a trend-setter. I took a look at JK Rowling’s latest book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child the other day.

It’s in a modified screenplay format. Wow. How exciting! Daring, even! Who’d ever think a book like that could sell? And to think that nearly all the one and two-star reviews of my book were because of the format.


2 thoughts on “Trendsetter

  1. I’ll admit that the modified screenplay format threw me off for about the first page or so but I’ve quickly come to like it – it allows you (the author) to help the reader visualized what the author intends to be seen. As for the story itself, well, I’ve been praising it to my sci-fi loving friends since I saw what unique mil-spec matched parts Stenson required to get at least two of the ship’s drives up (preferably an impossibly matched six-pack.) Ever since spotting that “Easter egg,” I’ve had fun keeping my eyes out for more. And the description of a certain young lady’s shopping trip for her very own first handgun was admirably written – as though right off of Kathy Jackson’s “Cornered Cat” website – devoted to informing women about carrying guns. It’s so gratifying to discover an author who can not only right a good, gripping story but who also gets his weapons handling and practices right.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. You are welcome. Sounds like I achieved my goal, so please do tell your friends! I do know a bit about guns, so getting those sorts of details right is important to me.

      There are a lot of Easter eggs and references. Dozens. More in the next books (thee and a half with the publisher, who is doing as best they can to get them out).

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