Seeds of self-destruction

The following is a work of speculation. I have no specific data showing this is true. It is just a possible ‘what if” sort of story. If it pans out as true, well, some speculation is more astute than others.

Wuhan Coronavirus

It it common in the course of viral spread for it to mutate. If something just makes organisms sick and spreads on, it will be “successful,” like the common flu. If it kills too quickly it will burn itself out because it will be so obvious even those who don’t know germ theory can control it with quarantine and fire, like the Black Death. If it kills very slowly then it may over time be a leading cause of death… but still be “successful” in spreading far and wide, much like HIV. Mutation is common. It is common for a more mild mutation to become dominant because a highly lethal form would tend to self-limit.

So. A corona virus got loose in a city with a high level bio-research facility in China. There is much speculation surround this coincidence. Was it an escaped bio-weapon because of containment protocol or mechanism failure? Carelessness? An enterprising worker taking a still-living test subject to the wet-market for a little side-profit? A deliberate release by an individual as an act of sabotage or revenge or pique? We may never know for certain. I believe the official CCP story can be discounted as inaccurate / propaganda regardless of what details they say, as it’s main purpose will be self-serving.

But here is a totally speculative thought about the development.

What if it’s a bio-weapon, but the less-lethal mutation already happened?

China has been robbing the West, with the help of the globalist transnational mega-corporations, for a generation. People like cheap product, but don’t see the hidden costs of dependence and being economically hollowed out. People pointing this out have been called racist, fear-mongers, nationalists, nuts and conspiracy-theory peddlers. But the reality is what it is.

Along comes President Trump. “Make America Great Again.” Buy American, tariffs, and an all-out trade-war for those willing to see it. He sees the crippling manufacturing dependency / addiction devastating and weakening our nation, like a parent watching heroine or meth addition hollow out a once-thriving child. He sees the moral decay and decadence of the trans-national “elites,” and vows to change all that.

China found themselves facing a US president who can take the propaganda slings and arrows, and looks to be winning the trade-war almost single-handedly, with just enough help in congress and judiciary and the backing of the American people that it’s really hurting the export-dependent Chinese economy. The Chinese leadership needed to do something; all the normal ploys were not just failing, but actually playing into Trump’s hand. He kept getting more popular. They realized he WILL be reelected, and his second term the screws will be turned even tighter because of all the groundwork he’s been having to lay down now. They are in dire economic straights, and they need the hit of export $$ heroine just as much as as the transnationals need their cheap manufacturing profit meth-hit. Big Pharma would just LOVE a scary mass pandemic for which they have the treatment for chronic lung damage, and vaccines, and treatments with a high-tech research price-tag to go with the fancy name.

The only way China can see to dethrone Trump soon enough, and get a much more compliant and easily bribed Dem in the Whitehouse, is to totally tank the robust American economy, which Trump has been touting every rally. They come up with the idea of a pandemic with a lockdown. Brilliant! Tank the economy, the CCP-backed / funded media will criticize his lack or preparation and memory-hole their only downplaying of the risks, they can over-react and impose a universal lock-down in order to shut down the rallies, and make people scared and compliant. A win-win-win!

But the problem with biowarfare is similar to chemical warfare in WWI – blow-back of the chemicals when the wind changes. So, how do you get plausible deniability? Vaccinate your friends and other “important” people, and release it domestically, first, in a location that is believable – something like a wet market. This has the added bonus of possibly killing of a lot of domestic retirees, helping the pension crisis. If it kills more men than women that’s OK too, because there is a serious surplus of men with no women to marry and that’s a cause of domestic instability, as well. Tell the lab to get a “take-out order to go.” If western people point to China as the culprit, they can play the racist card; if that fails they play the “we tried to help” card: “see, we sent you millions of masks, test-kits, and ventilators!” If that fails, the play the conspiracy-nut card / victim card: “look, it started here and we lost tens of thousands (millions?), why would we do that to our own people?”

They release it in the wet market. Play down the risks at first, have a good new year celebration…. And get a lot of their dupes/agents/expendables to catch it, then travel abroad in large numbers post-new-year to all sorts of places around the world (such as sweatshops in northern Italy making things with a “made in Italy” tag), while in the contagious stage. Continue to obfuscate and play down the risks, while buying up and hoarding PPE abroad in order to further screw up the response (and price-gouge on resale, to boot).

Once it’s broadcast far and wide, go into lock-down to contain it domestically. Make a big show of it, needed or not. If it costs several million Chinese to bring down Trump and get back on track for the One (Chinese) World Order, so be it. Lives of individuals are meaningless for the greater good. Help massage the message in the Imperialist running-dog Western media to call distancing yourself or closing borders racists, etc.

But several things happened they hadn’t counted on:

One, Trump clamped down on travel much harder, earlier, and more extensively than they’d expected. That slowed the spread far more than calculated. Two, because mutations are common and less-rapidly-lethal ones are selected for, the dominant genotype of coronavirus that escaped China wasn’t as lethal as the one they’d created and initially devastated Wuhan (there is that story of some 21 million missing cell phone accounts), so it’s impact on the rest of the world was significantly less than it was locally at the Wuhan epicenter; it didn’t overwhelm the robust Western healthcare system in the opening weeks as expected. Third, and most importantly, rather than an expensive and late-developed profit-saver from Big Pharma (conveniently to be manufactured mostly in China, naturally), a $5 cocktail of long-established generic drugs administered as soon as symptoms shows up solves the problem.

Instead of an economy-crushing six-month lock-down with millions of dead Americans, and an America brought to it’s knees emotionally and more dependent on Chinese manufacturing then ever, and usher in a total one-world government (so this “never happens again,” of course), it may, perversely do the exact opposite. Walls and borders are suddenly being rigorously enforced, a long-touted Trump policy now with HUGE support. One article said that the time from apprehension to deportation of illegal immigrants from Mexico is now averaging about 96 minutes. Nationalism is on the rise, and Trump’s demands for domestic manufacturing seem prescient. The “help” the Chinese are sending is defective test-kits, marginal quality items with inflated prices, or things that are testing as contaminated with the very coronavirus they are supposed to be protecting against. Trump’s optimism and clarity on hydroxychloroquine will be remembered by the people, and the media’s attempt to memory-hole it will be, too. His calling out of those who stepped up for praise, and those who didn’t for condemnation, will reverberate through the halls of business long past November. All around the world governments are suddenly not allowing the export of medical equipment (even from or to nominal allies), and realizing how little domestic production they are capable of; this is causing serious international tension. The average Joe is realizing that their national leaders (and many local ones, too) have sold them out and left once-great nations a shell of their former glory and ability. The trend of “off-shoring” hasn’t been merely slowed, but has been handed a catastrophic setback, and will likely see some very significant reversals in the years to come. The globalists and transnational corporations are being recognized as the enemies of the average people of EVERY nation, because of the corrupting effects of the bribes they offer, their relentless drive for lower prices motivates environmental degradation and short-term exploitation for slave-wages, it deprives people of dignity and hope with it’s debt-slavery, shoddy products, and amoral treatment of people as disposable, replaceable, interchangeable economic production units (sort of like our schools treat students, or government treat taxpayers and immigrants).

Against all their plans and scheming, Trump and Trumpism may emerge not only unscathed, but stronger than ever. Even for the non-religious, it almost has a taste of divine intervention to save America – I mean, how can one man be right in so many ways, and face such constant opposition from so many directions, and just keep getting stronger? Not just in America, but many nations around the globe will be revived as they turn to their own people rather than migration, debt, and hand-outs. It is said that evil always caries the sees of it’s own destruction, and it’s looking more and more like China may have planted a bumper crop this year. Time will tell what the harvest looks like.

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