Reloading, II

Does a difference actually make a difference? Different people geek out over different things. I like the cut of this guy’s jib.

5 thoughts on “Reloading, II

  1. Try Dan Newberry’s OCW loads. Think federal, Gold medal match. How it pretty much works in every gun? It’s away of compensating for powder scale differences.

    1. I’ve heard the concept, but I’d not heard the term or name associated with it. Sounds very interesting. Thanks for the pointer.

  2. Once you read up at Dan’s site. Go to He’s a gunsmith. And does yeoman’s work in ballistics. Look up his posts on 308 and 6.5 creedmoor. The pictures will show group patterns. As the load progresses you will notice the groups moving. What your looking for is three consecutive groups that shoot to the same point on the target. Not always the tightest group. But all three say, low left on the target. Mentally impose all three shot groups over the other to form a 15 shot group at one position on the target. Watch for flyers. Remember it’s a human pulling the trigger.
    In that manner if your load charge is a bit high or low, it will still shoot to the same point of aim.
    This is the only way to make semi-auto rounds work because one cannot play with the external dimensions of the round such as seating depth. Like one can on bolt actions rounds being made for just one gun.

    1. Yes, what you describe is the OCW from here, mentioned above. Makes sense, appears to work pretty well so far. It’s possible to play with seating depth in a semiauto, but not nearly as much.

      The problem with the tough feedramp and barrel extension marring the bullet still exists, though. Not quite sure I’m up for dremel-gunsmithing quite yet. Rather have a pro do it if possible.

      Other than bullets getting mangled while loading, any ideas on why the huge group with quality ammo?

      1. Try single loading into chamber, shoot groups? Twist rate correct for the load?
        Short fat cartridges in AR’s will always be a problem. As their trapped by the feed lips while the case is being bent upward toward the chamber. Extra long 6.5 bullets will only make matters worse.
        In your case it sounds like a bad barrel.
        I would trade all that Grendel stuff for a top rated 5.56.

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