Public Ed Takeover

It is obvious to all who follow public education that something is seriously wrong> Things got off the rails a while ago, and has been wrong for a long while, but in recent years the divergence with reality and the wishes of parents and into rabid left-wing narrative forcing has been monumental. Was it organic? Pushed by a few influential people? Are we imagining things? What’s up?

Over at the eponymous “some Bitch I know” website, she’s put together what she believes is an orchestrated take-over of our education system, titled “The Globalist Takeover of the American Educational System: Part One“, as a means to subvert the nation by simply teaching the kids to hate their own heritage and believe the propaganda of our enemies. Speaking as someone who has been inside it one way or another for a fair while, I can’t see that she’s wrong in the big picture, though we might quibble on details. Certainly our schools are not good for the people of this nation, boys, peoples-of-no-color, traditional sorts of any type, people who value the truth, or anyone not hard left. The people calling the shots clearly hate this country, and the people of it.

Most of the players are well know – Gates, Soros, etc, but some are likely people and orgs you’ve never heard of. If you care about education give it a read.

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