Please adjust your tinfoil hat for proper illumination

Just throwing these out there for those who want to be aware of what spare snippits of code there are floating about The Matrix. Strictly not to be taken seriously. Maybe.

Cancer-causing enzymes found in vaccines, docs who found them murdered.

Cancer cure Docs being murdered.

The vax companies are trying to kill a lot of people. Dr Mikovits. Video interview and text

The Vaccine Is Causing The Virus To Be More Infectious. (well, duh)

1 thought on “Please adjust your tinfoil hat for proper illumination

  1. Good movies. still watch just for fun. But you can’t feed humans and extract enough heat off them for a net gain in electricity.
    As for cancer. It’s three times bigger an epidemic than drug OD’s. 50 versus 150 per 100,000 people. It’s a giant win-win for industry. And they want no part in actually curing it. And if they will do what they do to the un-born. No tin hat necessary for what they will do to the rest of us.
    Denninger put it best by describing the whole of the industry thus. If the penalty for robbing banks was that you had to pay 10% back. How well is that going to work for a society?
    And what we can’t pay for. They get the government to borrow for you and pay them.
    Lovely bunch.

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