What happens if the organs of government have become compromised, infiltrated, or controlled by a foreign power of some sort? How does the military fight that sort of opponent, one who buys judges and congressmen and president’s sons rather than invading with tanks and ships and soldiers in uniform? The US government and military considered this back in the 40s and 50s, and they have a plan for that. Here is a series of posts talking about the theory that that plan, called “devolution” (the opposite of “evolution”), where power devolves from the comped president to the military to take care of business and get things straightened out, then restore the proper president.

The series starts here. Links to the rest are at the bottom of each article. Six parts in all.

3 thoughts on “Devolution

  1. Rolf, Go look up Dr. David Martin with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. 1:22 minutes video. The guy is a Patents researcher for international investment groups.
    Corona-chan was patented. As was every aspect of the spike protein.
    Fuaci was denied a patent for mRNA years ago because it is not, and cannot cure anything.
    And the whole is a set-up for fun and profit.
    They all need to hang.

    1. Yes, I have seen that. It’s already linked to from one of my entries on the Plague page.
      Even w/o all the other red flags, that is a HUGE set of WTF all on its own.

      1. No longer WTF. Plain murder for profit. If anyone says something about consp—-, and your a schill for psychopaths. And should be hanging by your feet feeding birds right next to them! Is what they’re going to hear.
        Sorry I didn’t link in sooner. Thanks for doing the work Rolf!

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