Live births, something to keep an eye on.

Here we have the CDC’s data on basic lives gained and lost in the nation, excluding illegal invasion, etc. since Jan of 2020, there have been on average 301k live births per month. The standard deviation is a bit less than 13k, but let’s call it that. They have ben offering the not-vaxx to women of childbearing age for ~4-5 months now. The early reports on miscarriages if vaxed in the first trimester were indicating something like 4/5 pregnancies were lost, compared to the more typical 1/5. No major stories about any big change if vaxxed in the 3rd trimester. There is a reporting lag in the data of 4-5 months. Pregnancy is, of course, 9 months on average.

IF the “vaccine” is causing major conception or pregnancy issues, we should start seeing at least the beginning of them by the end of the year. I’d consider the number 275k to be a huge warning shot (2 SDev, <3% likely by random chance) , and 263k (!0.1% by random chance) to be the huge red flag number, as that would be 3 SDev below the mean. If anything like that crops up by the end of the year, HUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! If it starts trending that way by Oct, it’s still time to buckle up, assuming that the CDC doesn’t just start cooking those numbers as bad as the PCR test Covid numbers. A simple lint to track. I’ll update in comments with each months numbers.

For right now, this year to date is


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