Christmas Music

Sabaton released “Christmas Truce” a month or so ago. Powerful song.
Four items here: official video, lyric video, a history video,  then some of my various thoughts and observations.

For those who need a more “normal” history lesson

Official Sabaton History channel version of the story:

(i slightly lied) Bonus vid- a very knowledgeable musician/singer reacting to it.

My thoughts: I expect this will become one of their hugest successes at live shows, with massive and enthusiastic audience participation on the chorus. After watching a number of “reaction videos,” generally men and women react quite differently. Most men suddenly stop moving in time with the music when the one soldier first starts going out of the trench (around 2:50) because they instantly realize what’s happening and what the risk is, knowing something important is about to happen; most of the female reactors don’t get it until later. One of the few times I’ve seen multiple reactors getting teary-eyes. This thing is magnificently written and orchestrated. The tone change at 4:48 to a more discordant feel to highlight the madness is superb, and the shift to voice and drum only at 5:30 gives a bleak comradery that is perfect. The intro with the bells and piano with the echo of the “carol of the bells” gives it a uniquely Christmassy feel, very strange but fitting for a war-story. The middle has a bombastic, large and powerful Trans-Siberian Orchestra feel. The outro with Floor Jansen (of Nightwish”, also the Sabaton drummer’s wife) singing vocals is very different from the normal Sabaton masculine tone, but like a Valkyrie it just fits the strange mix of melancholy and heroic and joyous and insane that was this event.

Overall a strange style and theme mashup that was magnificently done and works beautifully. An instant Christmas classic for all time. In fact, it may be one of the absolute best non-religious Christmas songs/videos of all time.

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