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HA! Found a copy of the full text of “200 Years Together” in English, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. All of its nearly 8.5″ x 11″ 800 pages.

It is also at the Internet Archive, here. They also have the redacted version there, which is missing some 300 or so pages.

The Russian-language version is available in book form, but there has been a lot of pressure in certain circles to omit several parts in any English version because they reflect badly on certain ethnic groups. Inaccuracy is never shown by said ethnic groups, only that it highlights their actions and apparent motives in ways that most members of Western Civilization would find their actions and motives damning. Some people are offended by a factually accurate portrayal of reality, and try to bury it rather than atone or change or deal. I prefer my history honest and uncut, messy, and full of the flawed men and women who were actually there, so we may learn it’s lessons properly.

4 thoughts on “200 YT

  1. History is only interesting, let alone valuable, if it is accurate.

    Yes…. it’s messy. The Bible-readers amongst us take comfort in the fact that God seems willing to work with so many obviously imperfect people.

    One of the most dangerous ideas in modern Western culture seems to be the belief that all cultures are equal, except our own. When we do not teach our young that we have something worth preserving and fighting for, we are committing cultural suicide in a world where all alternatives are either impossible or objectively worse.

    1. Indeed. Preaching to the coir, here, on that sheet of music.
      But you might be amazed at how many people don’t even know the basics of what our culture is. Or maybe you wouldn’t be.

  2. Alot of things are omitted from history because telling people how their parents got gamed spoils the new game being played on the kids.
    Like reading the 63 points the communists said they wanted to do to destroy America into the congressional record. It matches the democratic platform perfectly.
    Pointing out the nature of the beast, Never works for the beast.

    1. I’d argue that a lot of facts are omitted because if children knew what their grandparents went through to make our society so good, they would not listen to the do-gooders preaching impractical utopias.

      My grandparents did not get “gamed”. Nor were they evil. They were good folks, doing the best that they knew how, under the circumstances.

      My ancestors came here to build, not to kill and destroy. They came to a land that would not feed 1/100th of the people that it does now. They worked and endured in ways that the woke generation find almost unimaginable. They fought – when necessary, one of my grandfathers went through both world wars – because they believed in what they were fighting to protect.

      We have 10,000 years of recorded history, and across 98% of that, oppression was endemic around the world. Over the last few centuries, the anglosphere has led the slow, messy, error-ridden progress towards a freer and more egalitarian society.

      But if that was taught, who would then listen to the socialist utopianists in our education system? They would have no value.

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